AirTran Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at AirTran Airways

Though the company no longer exists, those looking for AirTran Airways careers can find jobs at Southwest Airlines. Representatives regularly post entry-level and professional positions available for hire. Anyone interested should visit Southwest online to fill out a form.

A Laid-Back Interview Process

Online Job Profile

The first step in scoring an AirTran Airways interview is creating a profile on Southwest’s website. This covers information like employment experience, education, and skills. After going over the application, a recruiter may contact the personal references listed to hear about a candidate’s work ethic from past managers.

Brief Phone Interview

The actual AirTran interview process begins with a short phone conversation. Southwest employers use this opportunity to assess an individual’s personality traits, and to see how they would handle certain situations while working. An email is sent to favorable applicants to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Panel Interview

Three to five Southwest representatives sit in on these job interviews. During this time, candidates respond to scenario-based questions, like “How would you accommodate a disgruntled passenger?” This gives hiring agents the chance to test problem solving and leadership skills.

Before AirTran Interviews

Do Your Research

Management looks for candidates who are excited about the brand, often asking “Why do you want to work here?” Read about the company’s background, and look into the qualities of a successful worker before the AirTran interview. Passionate individuals tend to move forward in the hiring process.

Be Ready to Ask Questions

While reviewing the job description, write down any further inquiries about the role. Keep these notes with you when speaking to a recruiter over the phone, and ask them when appropriate. Doing this shows hiring managers that you prepared for the discussion and want to learn more.

What Happens Next?


Outstanding contenders receive an email from Southwest offering the position. Before completing the hiring process, applicants must pass background checks and drug tests. Fingerprinting is also mandatory. This procedure takes about one month to complete.

What Will They Ask About in AirTran Airways Interviews?

Work Ethic and Career Prospects

Recruiters ask a range of questions during the AirTran interview process. Remember to speak clearly and confidently. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

How Should You Dress for Interviews with AirTran?

A Professional Look

Keep your AirTran Airways interview outfit neat and clean, but comfortable as well. Let your personality shine through. Bright patterns and jewelry may distract the interviewer, so wear neutral colors like black, navy, tan, and white. Some clothing options include a well-tailored pair of slacks and a button-down top, or a modest dress and matching suit jacket.


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