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How to Get a Job at AirTran

Global-reaching airliner AirTran features thousands of jobs around the world for individuals of various backgrounds and skills. However, each candidate must undergo an extensive interview process to receive hiring consideration. Depending on the position, applicants may participate in one-on-one, group, or panel job interviews. Regardless of format, job seekers truly dedicated to finding employment with the major airline must properly prepare for upcoming interviews.

How to Initiate the Hiring Process

AirTran administers an extensive application process for every position. Usually, each applicant must create an online profile, which covers personal information, employment history, education, job skills, and character references, among supplementary pieces. Much of the information provided on the application materials may be reiterated during the AirTran job interview.

What They're Looking For

Many AirTran interviewers place emphasis on the qualifications demanded of applicants for a particular job title. Individuals may use this time to demonstrate familiarity with company policies and procedures. The interview may also cover generic questions involving availability, physical limitations, cooperativeness, and work ethic.

How to Navigate the Interview Process for Entry-Level Jobs

The most prominent positions with AirTran include flight attendant, baggage handler, ticket agent, and customer service representative. Each job usually entails more than one round of interviews. Excellent communication skills often go a long way in place of lack of experience in the airline industry, especially for jobs that involve high levels of customer service. As with any interview, a positive attitude and friendly personality is essential for any candidate.

Wear Professional Clothing and Show Confidence

Aesthetically clean and professional-looking clothing may work two-fold in helping applicants gain confidence, while at the same time shows AirTran hiring representatives how serious an applicant may be towards getting the job.

Stay in Contact

Even after completing the interview process, applicants should maintain contact with the company up to the hiring decision. While frequent communication may not prove necessary, AirTran candidates should send some type of thank you note or letter to the airline. Even if the company decides to pass on an applicant, the candidate should still express gratitude for the interview, in case future job vacancies with the airline arise that the worker may be qualified for.

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