Alabama Power Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Alabama Power

Traditionally comprised of comprehensive sets of interviews, the Alabama Power hiring process screens for the most eligible job hopefuls in the utility industry. Applicants seeking employment with the power company must complete and submit the required hiring materials to receive interview consideration. After receiving review, applicants typically hear from a hiring representative to schedule a job interview within a couple weeks. The entire interview process may take several weeks to complete from beginning to end, depending on the volume of eligible candidates.

The Best Ways to Prepare

Applicants should arrive early to each interview session in order to make a good first impression and to practice responding to basic interview questions. The prominent utility company regularly hires articulate and well-spoken individuals.

Responding to Common Interview Questions

Questions commonly encountered during the interview process include: “Why do you want to work for Alabama Power?”, “What are your technical skills and abilities?”, “Do you work well under pressure?”, and “Why should we hire you?” Take a moment to consider each interview question before responding.

Successful Candidates

Applicants with experience in the utility industry also fair well during the Alabama Power hiring process. Speak clearly, sit up straight, and maintain consistent eye contact to demonstrate a professional attitude and strong work ethic. End each interview with a handshake. Applicants who follow up a few days after the final meetings may receive additional hiring considerations.


  • Aaron says:

    It’s usually at least a 5 person panel, sometimes more

  • Matt says:

    I just got called for a job interview with Alabama Power, but be warned, it was after one of the hardest written tests I’ve ever seen, and quite possibly the most demanding and exhausting Physical Abilities test in the world (next to the military).

  • Chris S. says:

    I just completed an interview for Alabama Power. It was in front of a panel of 6. Each one asked a different question. They were all typical interview questions, only one of the questions caught me off guard but I feel that I handled it well. Overall, I’m impressed with how well they handle interviews. I felt comfortable the whole time and I felt as they actually wanted to know more about me. I would answer a question and they would ask me more about what I just told them. Most places just get an answer and move on to the next question. Just be yourself and answer questions with confidence and you’ll do fine.

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