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Entry-level candidates and management career seekers alike routinely find employment at Albertsons grocery stores. Jobs often prove ideal for workers looking to establish a history of employment, as the supermarket chain frequently hires applicants with no previous experience to fill entry-level positions.

Facts About Working at Albertsons

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Albertsons?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Stock Clerk, Bagger, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Albertsons Job Opportunities

Management positions and other advanced career opportunities often available at Albertsons come with an assortment of perks related to the demands of each specific job. Along with chances for further professional development and advancement, managers typically enjoy increased hourly pay rates or annual salary options, comprehensive employment benefits packages, and the opportunity to work in a leadership role as part of a longstanding and successful chain of supermarkets. Job seekers with long-term career aspirations and the proper qualifications may also take interest in professional opportunities consistently offered through in-store pharmacies.

Employees often qualify for managerial and professional positions at Albertsons after working for the grocery store chain in entry-level capacities. Ranging from general cashier and courtesy clerk jobs to specialized departmental positions, entry-level employment at the supermarket encompasses a wide variety of job titles, work settings, and responsibilities. A majority of entry-level jobs, however, require workers to serve customers in some way. Like many large-scale grocery retailers, the nationwide chain often prefers entry-level associates to work flexible, part-time schedules and generally restricts full-time hours to higher-ranking or long-tenured employees.

Albertsons Employment and Salary Information

As an operator of large supermarkets containing multiple departments and offering assorted services, Albertsons offers a wide range of employment opportunities covering a variety of career fields. Stores generally impose a minimum hiring age of 16 years for most entry-level jobs. Management positions and professional career opportunities typically carry additional hiring requirements and higher age minimums. Applicants may apply online for the following jobs:


Job Description and Duties
  • Albertsons hires entry-level workers on a regular basis with a majority of available jobs consisting of retail work.
  • New employees at Albertsons often begin as cashiers.
  • The position stands as a great opportunity for high school and college students seeking part-time employment.
  • Albertsons cashiers mainly ring up purchases, explain sales or special promotions, and maintain clean work stations.
  • Additional job responsibilities include assisting other coworkers when needed and following company policies and procedures.
  • An entry-level job, applicants with no real experience in the grocery industry may apply for the position of cashier at Albertsons stores.
  • Hiring managers seek applicants with outstanding math skills, outgoing personalities, and great organizational and time management skills.
  • Albertsons cashiers must maintain calm demeanors during peak store hours and work efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Other hiring requirements may include open availability and sound communication skills.
Salary and Compensation
  • The nationwide supermarket chain offers a wide opportunity for young workers seeking to change careers or simply become involved with a successful grocery store company.
  • Cashier employees with Albertsons earn hourly pay beginning at minimum wage.
  • Increases in pay based on performance, bonuses, experience, and time with the grocery chain may result in Albertsons cashiers making up to $37,000 in annual salary.
  • Qualified workers and full-time associates with the supermarket company may receive comprehensive healthcare and wellness benefits.

Courtesy Clerk

Job Description and Duties
  • Entry-level employees with Albertsons grocery stores may find unique work opportunities as courtesy clerks.
  • Responsibilities of the job include watching the front end of the store.
  • Courtesy clerks predominantly monitor cashiers and baggers while making sure everyone remains on task.
  • Workers must also communicate with customers to handle returns or other discrepancies.
  • Quite often, courtesy clerks count out cash drawers and tills for cashiers leaving or starting a new shift, making minimal math skills a necessary hiring requirement for the position.
  • Familiarity with store procedures and policies may also help courtesy employees perform jobs and tasks even better.
Salary and Compensation
  • Courtesy clerks with Albertsons grocery stores enjoy several enticing pay scales.
  • On average, employees in the position earn $8.00 to $12.00 an hour.
  • Albertsons hires courtesy clerks for both part-time and full-time employment.
  • Several benefits available to courtesy clerks and other employees include paid vacation, direct deposit, and product discounts.

Grocery Clerk

Job Description and Duties
  • The entry-level job of grocery clerk remains a popular job title among high school and college students, part-time employment hunters, and retirees.
  • With little-to-no experience, applicants may apply for the position at Albertsons stores to gain employment with the grocery chain.
  • Grocery clerks practice health and safety regulations as outlined in employee handbooks.
  • Primary responsibilities consist of stocking shelves, bagging groceries, helping customers to vehicles with purchases, and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Other job duties include assisting co-workers when needed, keeping daily inventory, unloading shipments, and proper storage and handling of food.
  • Grocery clerks additionally explain company policies, procedures, and services and provide information on daily specials and sales to customers.
  • Typical job requirements for grocery clerk workers include written and verbal communication skills, time management abilities, great organizational skills, and friendly personalities.
  • New-hire workers typically undergo one to two weeks of training initially.
  • The entire hiring process for Albertsons grocery clerk jobs last roughly a week, on average.
Salary and Compensation
  • Albertsons grocery clerk jobs stand as great way to advance in a successful career within the grocery industry.
  • Albertsons grocery clerks earn hourly wages beginning at minimum wage.
  • Exceptional performance may lead to increases in hourly pay rates and access to generous salary options through promotion.
  • The grocery store chain offers employee benefits to qualified grocery clerks as well, consisting of medical, dental, and vision insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, employee assistance programs, paid vacation, sick pay, and personal days.


Job Description and Duties
  • Albertsons hires experienced, career-minded employees to work as managers in one of the largest supermarket chains in North America.
  • Managers oversee store operations and perform both administrative and supervisory functions. Primary responsibilities include hiring, training, and developing new associates.
  • Managerial workers also track sales, order inventory, and implement product promotions.
  • Additional job duties involve processing reports and paperwork, creating employee work schedules, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction.
  • Albertsons offers career opportunities for department managers and general store managers. Both positions carry multiple qualifications and formal education requirements.
  • Prospective managers must hold high school diplomas.
  • Store managers may need additional, relevant postsecondary degrees, as well.
  • Albertsons also requires applicants to have previous management experience, preferably within a supermarket setting.
  • In addition to demonstrated leadership capabilities, successful candidates should possess exceptional communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexible, full-time work availability and knowledge of workplace safety standards may also prove helpful during the hiring process.
Salary and Compensation
  • Average annual salary for Albertsons department managers rests around $35,000, while store managers earn roughly $60,000 per year.
  • Salary options may vary based on experience and store location.
  • In addition to competitive salary options, Albertsons offers many employee benefits.
  • Qualified workers enjoy general medical coverage, dental and vision insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Albertsons also provides paid time off, store discounts, and performance bonuses for benefit-eligible employees.

Tips For Applying

Albertsons stores revolve around excellent customer service. Applicants must show the ability to execute any essential functions of positions desired and communicate effectively in order to gain employment consideration. Workers should also take time to prepare application materials in order to positively and accurately represent personal and professional abilities. Grocery stores typically hire individuals showing dedicated attitudes and flexibility in scheduling.

Application Status

The application process may take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the positions available and number of applicants submitting hiring forms. Upper-level applicants should expect to wait at least a week or two to hear back from management. Entry-level candidates often complete the hiring and interview process within few days. Checking back with managers regarding applications by telephone, email, or in-person visits may expedite the process.

Benefits of Working at Albertsons

Albertsons employees enjoy numerous job benefits, many of which become available immediately upon hire. New associates gain immediate access to fun and safe work environments, flexible scheduling options, and on-job training. Employee discounts, competitive base pay, and career advancement opportunities with the potential for increased salary options also make stores in the nationwide network attractive places to work. Professional advancement with the company often results in additional employment benefits as well, including:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid time off, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans for eligible workers

Fill out an online application form to secure hiring consideration for available jobs and learn more about available employee benefits.

Additional Details on Albertsons

With a vast assortment of products and services, including in-store pharmacies, Albertsons supermarkets serve as one-stop grocery shopping destinations for customers across the country. The supermarket chain, founded in 1939, popularized many now-common innovations, including bakery departments creating items from scratch and magazine racks at checkout aisles. The grocery store also promotes environmental and social responsibility by placing recycling bins throughout each of its more than 600 stores, supporting the use of reusable grocery bags, and working with suppliers committed to sustainable food sources.


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