ALCO Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at ALCO

Basic Information

The ALCO hiring process focuses on the ability of candidates to provide excellent customer service and screens for individuals with the abilities to provide exceptional service and embody the company mission. Interested applicants begin the hiring process by submitting the required forms. Typically within a few days of submitting the information, ALCO applicants receive a phone call to schedule a job interview.

General Interview Formats

A simple and straightforward means of selecting eligible candidates, the ALCO interview process involves several different interview formats and requirements. Specific interview formats vary by position, in most cases. Most interview questions center on how an applicant might handle an angry customer and what customer service means personally. Applicants begin with either one-on-one interviews or phone interviews. Individuals who first engage in phone interviews generally move on to in-person, one-to-one interviews in-store.

What Happens if You Move On

If successful in the phone interview and required rounds of face-to-face interviews, applicants must submit to background checks. The retail chain may also require some prospective employees to complete skills tests prior to employment. Applicants must complete each portion of the hiring process in order to receive employment consideration.

Favorable Traits and Follow Ups

As a retailer, ALCO typically favors applicants with friendly, attentive, and customer-oriented personalities. Workers with experience in the retail industry may also gain preferential treatment during the hiring process. Arrive early to job interviews. Wear clothing appropriate for the occasion and expect to answer basic interview questions. Follow up with the retailer to increase odds of employment after completing the final job interview.

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2 thoughts on “ALCO Interview Questions & Tips

  1. Kristin

    How long… Does it take for them to hire you? I believe it has been 3 days for me and I REALLY want to have a job as a teen and lately, I havent been having much luck :/

  2. deb cook

    I think the whole process of how you hire is very impersonal. You have to apply online. You have to pay an online site to do a resume. If you get an interview it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. I had to wait 6 months to get called for an interview. Was interviewed by a 20 something year old girl. Then told everything from that point on would be by email. Been 8 days still nothing. If they are not gonna hire you then they should let you know. But I think doing any of this by email is a bad idea. You guys push the idea of treating customers right so they keep Coming back but this is the way you treat potential employees? Just think something is wrong here!


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