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Hiring process information for an interview at Allegiant Air

How to Get a Job at Allegiant Air

Applicants participating in the Allegiant Air hiring process partake in relatively similar screenings regardless of position desired. The hiring and interview process typically lasts at least two weeks and may span more than eight weeks. A phone interview generally proves the first step in the process. The initial phone screening may last anywhere between fifteen to twenty minutes or as much as an hour. The airline awards successful phone interview participants with face-to-face interviews. Most applicants interview with more than one representative during the hiring process, which may include both one-on-one interviews and group interviews. Entry-level customer service positions often use group interview formats to screen candidates in addition to 1:1 interviews.

Regular Interview Questions

Many of the interview questions asked during the Allegiant Air hiring process center on specifics of the desired job title. Workers sit with hiring managers, HR representatives, and sometimes potential coworkers, and respond to various questions about personality, motives for work, and customer service experience. The airline asks interview questions like: "If hired, would you go above and beyond requirements?", "Can you describe a difficult situation and how the situation was remedied?", and "Have you had any past accomplishments you'd like to share?" Allegiant Air interview questions also cover more technical aspects of each position.

Background Checks

Finger printing and background checks generally prove necessary prior to rounds of interviews beyond the initial phone interview, especially for pilot and flight attendant candidates. Allegiant Air looks for candidates with experience and necessary qualifications. Pilots and corporate career seekers generally need advanced training, including certifications, degrees, and/or internships.

Additional Requirements for Flight and Cargo Crew

Flight attendants, cargo crew, and customer service employees typically only need to meet the specific demands of the position desired, i.e. heavy lifting, experience with computers, strong communications skills, etc. Exude confidence when speaking to Allegiant Air hiring officials and relate past experiences to the responsibilities outlined by the job title, if possible.

Should I Follow Up with Allegiant Air?

Check in regularly with the airline after completing the final interview to follow up on hiring status. A phone call or email to follow up on jobs typically improves chances of gaining employment with the aviation company.

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  1. Larry Brunner

    I have worked in the past for Piedmont which was in Lansing, MI and also for America West in Las Vegas. I loved the airline career and hope to get back in it. I enjoy serving the public and helping people. I understand that Allegiant is coming back to Capital City Airport in Lansing. I would love to be a part of your team. Could I please get an application?

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day.

  2. Marisa Bueford

    allegiant air, how much do they pay ?


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