Allstate Insurance Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Allstate

Applicants looking for careers with Allstate must generally possess a background in customer service and sales. Online assessments may prove necessary before moving on to personal interviews with hiring personnel. Phone interviews serve as pre-screening conversations used to determine whether candidates advance to face-to-face interview sessions. Candidates often undergo multiple interviews before hiring decisions are finalized. The insurance company generally pends job offers on successful completion of drug tests and background checks.

Typical Customer Service Interview Topics Covered

Customer service applicants generally encounter more than one meeting, with the interview process lasting up to two weeks. Interviewers typically pose behavioral and situational questions to see how well applicants work with others. Examples include: “How well do you work in a stressful environment?” and “Can you tell me about a time you overcame an obstacle with a customer?” Candidates may also answer questions relating to work history, education, and availability. Dress functionally, in business-casual attire, for each meeting in the hiring process. Proper dress may help candidates demonstrate professionalism and make lasting first impressions.

Typical Topics Covered in Sales Interviews

Allstate sales position hopefuls may fill out applications online or with a local insurance agent office. Applicants typically face multiple in-person interviews, frequently with two or three hiring managers consecutively over the course of a single day. Job interviewers screen candidates for excellent sales and customer service skills as well as past experiences and flexibility. Some interview questions may include, “How would you manage a potential client when their major concern is price?” and “What do you find the most difficult part of the sales process?” Candidates may sit with current sales employees to determine job functionality. Sales associates regularly receive job offers after a single interview, though applicants should expect multiple interviews before the hiring process finalizes.


  • Grant says:

    I had an interview at an Allstate office recently. You have to dress professionally. Pants or skirt with a nice dress shirt and jacket work great. Don’t go too casual, Allstate will overlook you.

  • Trent says:

    I currently work at Allstate. They will usually ask you to summarize your skills and expericence and why you would like the position. Some advice would be to come off in your interview as relatable and not over bearing. Make sure that you dress professionally and smile often during the interview.

  • Nicole says:

    I just had a good interview at Allstate. Tips for their interview process include being prepared to explain your work history, and they will ask about four behavior/situational questions. They will schedule you for another interview with a regional manager if they’re interested in moving forward.

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