aloft Hotel Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Aloft

Obtaining a job with Aloft Hotels starts with filling out and submitting the proper hiring forms and ends with the completion of the interview process. After turning in the necessary documents, it normally takes a week or two for Aloft hiring representatives to contact job seekers about coming in for an interview. Throughout the Aloft hiring process, applicants typically experience one-on-one or panel interviews with hotel or human resources managers. Positions available at newly constructed Aloft hotels are often filled through job fairs enabling company hiring officials to conduct group and 1:1 interview sessions throughout a given day.

What to Expect in Interviews

Aloft job interviews usually start with a brief review of the information provided by candidates when applying for the position. Applicants should come to the Aloft interview in professional clothing and ready to answer questions about work experience, educational background, and job skills useful to the hospitality industry.

Examples of Common Aloft Interview Questions

Aloft interviewers regularly give hypothetical situations and expect job candidates to provide solutions to workplace or customer-related problems. Examples of this type of Aloft interview questions include: “If a guest complained about not receiving extra towels, what would you do?” and “If an out-of-state guest asked about local restaurants, which would you recommend?”. Aloft interviewers also pose more general inquiries like, “What does hospitality mean to you?” and often lead management candidates into extensive discussions about achievements and goals accomplished during their careers. Entry-level job seekers and prospective managers may both need to complete up to three rounds of Aloft interviews.

Appropriate Dress and Research

In addition to wearing appropriately professional apparel, interviewees should become familiar with the unique Aloft Hotels concept. Aloft uses modern architecture and exclusive lingo to create a vibrant hotel atmosphere that promotes socialization and rewards high-energy personalities. Showing awareness of the unique elements of Aloft Hotels indicates thorough preparation for the interview and eagerness to get the job. Applicants should also display the ability to fit in with the culture of Aloft Hotels by smiling, greeting the interviewer enthusiastically, and generally being energetic and outgoing throughout the interview process.


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