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One of the biggest names in the movie theater industry, AMC Theaters entertains over 200 million guests across more than 300 locations each year. To keep guests coming back, the movie theater chain employs personable workers in theater crew and management roles. Positions open up frequently.

Facts About Working at AMC Movie Theater

Minimum Age to Work at AMC Movie Theater: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at AMC Movie Theater?)

AMC Movie Theater Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 12:00pm-12:00am; Sun: 12:00pm-9:00pm

Available Positions at AMC Movie Theater: Booth Crew Member, Busser, Cashier, Concessionist, Cook, Dishwasher, Server, Supervisor, Usher

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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AMC Movie Theater Job Opportunities

An ideal employer for young people and individuals looking to join the working world, AMC offers a host of entry-level jobs requiring no past work experience. Additionally, workers only need to meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old in order to staff most entry-level roles. Areas of employment in each theater location include customer service, food preparation, and sanitation. No matter the career area, associates enjoy a fun work environment with numerous job perks.

Anyone interested in entry-level work may apply for theater crew positions. Theaters offer positions in ticket sales, concessions, ushering, and film projection. Locations with restaurant operations provide unique movie theater jobs, such as cook, server, and bartender. The unique positions offer opportunities to gain experience in both the movie theater and restaurant industries, and server and bartender roles offer excellent earning potential through tips. Individuals with leadership experience may discover lucrative careers in management, as well.

AMC Theater Positions and Salary Information

With expansive multi-screen theaters and large concessions areas, AMC Entertainment needs large teams of diverse talents in each theater location. A variety of roles exist at movie theaters; however, most entry-level employees fall under the broad label of theater crew member. As a crew member, an employee may rotate between roles. Associates often receive cross training and perform various functions in multiple areas of the theater during a shift. Generally, theater crew members remain assigned to one role and assist other areas during down times or when opening and closing. Associates earn highly competitive pay rates. Entry-level crew member roles available with the movie theater chain include:

Cashier – Cashiers work in ticket booths selling movie tickets and gift cards. To perform functions properly, cashiers need to maintain knowledge of current movies, including plots and show times. The job often requires serving long lines of guests quickly before show times. To ensure smooth operations, cashiers must exhibit courteous attitudes and work efficiently under pressure. Key job functions include processing payments and checking identifications for age-restricted movies. Attention to detail, computer skills, and cash-handling abilities prove essential to the role. Cashiers frequently answer questions in person and over the phone and need to possess strong communication skills. Individuals starting out in cashier positions usually earn minimum wage. Pay rates increase with experience.

Concessionist – Concessionists work at concessions counters and serve fresh food and beverages to customers. Like cashiers, concessionists often experience hectic lines and need to quickly and efficiently serve guests in order to keep patrons moving. Common duties include popping popcorn, dispensing drinks, and preparing hot dogs, nachos, and specialty items. When guests make orders, concessionists assemble food items and complete transactions on point-of-sale systems. Cleanliness proves essential, as concessionists must constantly clean counters, glass displays, cooking equipment, and condiment areas. Daily maintenance and restocking duties arise, as well. On average, concessionists make about $8.00 an hour.

Usher – Ushers maintain theater appearances and perform ticket-tearing duties. Additional responsibilities include maintenance duties like cleaning auditoriums, restrooms, hallways, and lobbies. Ushers also fix or alert management to operational and safety concerns. When performing ticket-tearing duties, ushers control access for age-restricted movies, monitor projection and sound quality, and deter disruptive behavior. Additional duties include changing marquees, posters, and lobby signage. Ushers usually earn minimum wage upon hire and receive pay raises over time.

Tips For Applying

Once applicants complete the basic online application, the company usually requires the completion of a three-part personality assessment. The first portion offers 70 statements, which candidates must list levels of agreement with. In the next section, candidates answer several personality-gauging questions, which cover topics like favorite subject in school, high school grades, and school attendance. The third section of the assessment poses scenarios and lists of actions to take in response. Candidates then need to bubble in the best and worst response for each scenario. Applicants should complete the assessment in a timely manner and provide answers which best reflect personality type.

Application Status

After applying, candidates may review job application statuses by logging into the online career center. Once logged in, job seekers may click on the job application status link to see progress listed under the HR status column. Directly after applying, the status reads as Assessment Pending. Statuses change once the assessment goes under review. Applicants should expect to see statuses change one to two weeks after applying. Candidates who wish to show added interest in working for the company may call locations of desired employment to inquire about application status. Hiring managers often prefer to hire workers who show persistence.

AMC Theaters Employee Benefits

Employees working in the movie theater industry enjoy various perks and job benefits inherent to the nature of work. Free movie passes remain one of the most popular perks, as associates enjoy the latest releases. AMC offers several movie passes each week to allow for multiple viewings or for associates to bring friends along. Working for the movie theater chain also offers flexible scheduling and exciting atmospheres. Employment benefits packages may vary by job title but often include 401(k) retirement plans and employee assistance programs. Associates also receive performance-based bonuses as rewards for jobs well done. Management and other upper-level positions often offer medical and dental benefits along with life insurance coverage and paid time off.

Other Information about AMC Theaters

Committed to creating the ultimate movie watching experience, the chain introduced the Dine-In Theater in over a dozen locations. A movie theater and restaurant rolled into one, a dine-in theater allows guests to order and enjoy food while watching films. Theaters feature large reclining seats with fold-out trays where guests may call for seat-side service with the push of a button. The vast menu includes customizable options, like pizzas, sandwiches and paninis, salads, and full dinner platters. Select theaters also serves alcoholic beverages, including beers, wines, martinis, and specialty cocktails.

2 user comments:

  1. Cheyenne

    I honestly loved my job AMC. The people that I worked with always made me laugh, but when it was time for us to get to work, our work got done. The managers were amazing, always having fun with us and making work a place I wanted to be.

  2. Carleita Yeoman

    Yes I. Worked 2002-2004 I absolutly loved. it. l cleaned ladies bathrooms and hallways all nite4pm till 12am Friday.Saturday .Sunday for 8 hours. I swept floors and halls cleaned toilets. Pick up trash on floor. empty trash cans


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