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American Airlines pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

People who seek a job with American Airlines can download and print the PDF above to begin the application. Use the directions on this page as a guide through the process. Hopefuls can also read about applying online with the company, or find jobs in their area.

Why Work at American Airlines?

The brand is one of the largest airlines in the world, offering thousands of flights a day. American Airlines jobs are available in airports or on planes. Employees enjoy travel benefits and good pay rates.

The American Airlines Application

This form is five pages long and lets employers learn more about the applicant’s interests. Use black ink and write clearly for the best results. Keep in mind that prompts marked with an asterisk must have an answer.

Personal Information

Name, address, phone number, and email are necessary to process the application. This section asks candidates to specify if they are legal to work in the U.S. Most jobs at American Airlines require workers to be 18, so job hopefuls need to indicate their age.

Employment Information

Here, job seekers can reveal their desired position and salary. Choose a full-time or part-time schedule. The application form also asks if the person is currently working or has applied at American Airlines before.


Education info is crucial when filling out applications. Those who apply should be sure to include their field of study and check the box if they graduated. Not all American Airlines jobs require a college degree.

Previous Employment

Applicants list past jobs here, with the most recent at the top. Adding a supervisor’s name and number allows hiring managers to contact them. Job seekers must mention the dates of employment and a reason for leaving.

Miscellaneous Information

This portion reviews info relevant to the hiring process. First, disclose if any relatives work for American Airlines. Then, discuss military background or criminal convictions. Prospective employees need three professional references too.

Signature, Authorization, and Release

Potential hires who sign and date the appropriate lines confirm that all responses are accurate. The employer uses further data, including social security and driver’s license numbers, for doing consumer reports.

Voluntary Identification Form

American Airlines focuses on diversity. This form ensures that different races apply for jobs with the company. Candidates who do not fill out this section will not hurt their chance of employment.

Finishing the American Airlines Application

After filling out the job application and double-checking all answers, return it to personnel at any hiring location. Delivering the papers by hand can be helpful to prepare for an interview.

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