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American Cruise Lines pdf application

Why Print the American Cruise Lines Application?
American Cruise Lines provides hotel-like amenities, fine cuisine, and live entertainment. Workers enjoy the benefits of travel all while being at work.

Job seekers may print the PDF application for various part-time roles. Using the form allows job candidates to make face-to-face contact with employers. Hiring managers value employees who are prompt, dressed well, are eager to work, and have strong social skills.

Completing the American Cruise Lines PDF Application
Applicants should have a high school diploma, the ability to travel away from home for up to a month at a time, and comply with a non-smoking environment. These jobs are temporary, providing work in 12- week increments. Candidates must reapply to continue to be considered for future jobs, as previous employment does not guarantee rehire.

The application is four pages long. The form begins with a survey followed by a page of information regarding available entry-level positions. Next, you must provide previous employment and education. Finally, applicants are required to write about why American Cruise Lines would be a positive employment experience for them.

Employment Information
Job seekers must provide employment history. Include the company name, address, and contact information. Give salary details as well as reasons for leaving. Candidates must next list two people who are not family members as references. Include their name, address, contact information, place of business, and years known.

Entry-level positions require a high school diploma. Applicants will need to provide the name, location, and years attended for grammar, high school, and any college or technical education. There is space following the education section for military information.

Closing/About Yourself
A closing section asks applicants to discuss how American Cruise Lines would provide a positive work experience. Employers are looking to learn more about prospective crew members here. The section also considers reading, verbal, and written skills that are important to any job.

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