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Comfort aboard a modern fleet of boats allows guests to enjoy personalized service, excellent cuisine, and friendly crew members on American Cruise Lines ships. Prospective employees enjoy access to entry-level corporate and onboard opportunities.

Facts About Working at American Cruise Lines

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at American Cruise Lines?)

Available Positions: Galley Steward, Dishwasher, Housekeeper, Deckhand, Steward, Chef, Cruise Director, Assistant Hotel Manager, Hotel Manager, Licensed Launch Operator, Mate, Captain, Shore Side Assistant Hotel Manager, Administrative Assistant, Interior Designer and Decorator, Telephone Sales Supervisor, Operations Assistant, Inside Sales Associate, Customer Service Administrator, Video Production Specialist

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American Cruise Lines Job Opportunities

Headquartered in Guilford, CT, the small-ship cruise line operates vessels along various rivers in the United States, Eastern Seaboard, and Western Seaboard. Some of the river tours include parts of New Orleans, Upper Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio. Special cruise themes like American Civil War, music, Lewis and Clark, New England Lobster, and tulip festival bring unique experiences. Trips include meticulously planned shore excursions to fully appreciate the history and culture of each site. The company incorporated in 1991 and maintains ships with no more than 150 passengers aboard. During voyages, employees seek to assist customers in areas of dining, housekeeping, ship operations, and general customer service.

Enthusiastic individuals looking to work aboard small luxury ships acquire positions in entry-level positions and experienced roles. For candidates with degrees, manager and captain opportunities offer extensive rewards. Applicants with no experience may try for steward, deckhand, or dishwasher openings and still find generous work benefits available. Corporate offices hire in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and recruiting. Team members, regardless of position, help support company growth in the travel industry.

American Cruise Lines Salary and Career Information

Only candidates over 18 years old and possessing high school degrees (or equivalents) maintain eligibility for positions. Individuals applying for onboard openings must accept a 12-week commitment and 12-hour shifts. Potential employees must also adapt to physical demands of lifting, bending, walking, and climbing. Corporate opportunities require office settings and extensive phone skills. Job titles frequently available include:


  • Mates assist with ship operations.
  • Key duties for an American Cruise Lines mate include providing piloting assistance, navigating, administering first aid, and maintaining ship cleanliness.
  • Responsible for coordinating deck activities, the employees also train deckhands, delegate work duties, and resolve other issues.
  • Candidates for mate jobs need specialized licenses and must meet educational requirements.


  • Stewards with American Cruise Lines provide guest assistance.
  • Most stewards perform housekeeping or dining services.
  • Employees must possess strong customer service skills and the ability to work as part of teams.

Hotel Service Member

  • Individuals eager for careers in hospitality may begin with jobs aboard American Cruise Lines.
  • Team members regularly work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for 12 weeks.
  • Pre-employment drugs tests for marijuana satisfy the US Coast Guard requirements.
  • Candidates must also appear well groomed without visible tattoos and piercings in order to successfully gain employment aboard company cruise ships.
  • Every employee must keep guests happy, which may mean waiting tables, servicing staterooms, and responding to requests.
  • Experience in food service and housekeeping aides in completing necessary duties.
  • Salary options range from $700 to $1,000 per week, with passenger gratuities pooled and divided.


  • Potential salary packages of $700 to $900 per week allow workers to engage in temporary 12-week positions.
  • Individuals looking to travel without expenses enjoy opportunities as deckhands if physically strong and possessing excellent communication skills.
  • General duties of team members may include participating in steering the ship, docking and anchoring maneuvers, and standing watch.
  • Occasionally, miscellaneous chores, such as painting, cleaning, and general maintenance accompany positions.
  • Openings focus on the navigation and handling of the ship with customer service always a priority, as well.
  • No experience stands necessary, only eagerness to work hard and help create safe travels for visitors.

Customer Service Representative

  • The frontline of customer contact, each customer service representative helps guests make memorable vacation experiences.
  • With extensive amounts of time spent on the phone, employees must demonstrate superior telephone etiquette and verbal communication skills.
  • Candidates with previous call center or retail experience may receive hourly wages from $10.00 to $15.00.
  • Staff members may receive calls in regards to special requests, payments, reservations, and problem solving.
  • Ideally, staff members maintain attention to detail and stand capable of performing administrative duties.
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office helps workers complete responsibilities, as well.

Tips For Applying

Candidates browse through search results of current openings using an online careers portal. Job descriptions and qualifications supply job hopefuls with information in order to submit applications. By creating job profiles, employment seekers may apply for multiple openings seamlessly. Easy navigation allows users to highlight basic information like previous experience and education. Applying online dominates the preferred method of gaining occupations.

Application Status

Recruiters generally view application forms within 48 to 72 hours and contact contenders shortly afterwards if qualified. Average hiring processes take between one and four weeks to complete in entirety. Candidates contacted by phone or email normally schedule Skype video interviews. Before official hire, aspirants must also attend a three-day training event to see if the potential workers represent true fits. During waiting periods, prospective employees may find calling human resources to receive updates on the statuses of applications beneficial. Applicants should try back at later times if not hired right away.

Benefits of Working for American Cruise Lines

Lavish rewards make the company a very competitive place to gain employment. Typical work benefits for full-time associates, such as:

  • Medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Employee assistance programs, and life insurance
  • Accompany positions

Individuals pursuing onboard careers travel and live rent-free with meals provided for. In some cases, a majority of travel expenses to and from the ship also remain covered. Vessels visit 28 different states allowing candidates interested in experiencing unique towns and cities diverse opportunities. The company offers a top-notch training program to prepare team members for long-lasting careers in hospitality, as well.

American Cruise Lines Supplementary Information

In April 2014, American Cruise Lines introduced a sustainable dining program entitled Cruise Local, Eat Local. To produce delicious menus onboard, various produce, meats, and ingredients arrive from locally sourced small towns. The company supports visited areas and ensures limited ecosystem impact by specifically utilizing local farmers’ markets and small American businesses to acquire necessary foods. Employees also monitor the Seafood Watch index to stay up to date on current fish populations and avoid harmful impacts. Over 35 unique routes lead to diverse menu options, such as wild-caught Georgian shrimp, Maine Root Blueberry soda, craft beers from local breweries, Maryland blue crabs, and heirloom tomatoes gathered from farmers’ markets.

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