American Cruise Lines Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at American Cruise Lines

Specializing in river cruises, American Cruise Lines constantly seeks friendly, energetic workers to staff each ship in its fleet of six cruise liners. The travel company holds interviews on an ongoing basis to identify job seekers qualified for a variety of shipboard positions, such as deckhand and steward.

Where and When You’ll Interview

Job interviews regularly take place onsite at the corporate headquarters in Connecticut. The cruise line also periodically hosts interviews in various other locations across the United States. Applicants must often complete brief phone screenings checking for continued interest in the desired position before traveling to American Cruise Lines interview sites. The hiring process often interviews candidates at the beginning of each year a few months prior to the start of spring, when cruise ships and riverboats begin to operate regularly.

Basic Interview Formats

Typically conducted using 1:1 hiring formats, American Cruise Lines job interviews generally probe for basic information regarding the ability of applicants to meet the requirements of the position sought. Interviewers regularly ask if potential workers can handle certain aspects of jobs, like long hours and being away from home for extended periods of time. interview questions may also delve into past experiences to ensure each candidate possesses the qualifications and skills necessary for working with passengers on cruise ships and performing other fundamental job duties.

What Happens to Successful Candidates?

Successful interviewees usually meet with hiring personnel one time before moving on to training, which serves as an extension of the American Cruise Lines interview process. During training, interviewees learn how to execute basic cruise ship job responsibilities like making beds and setting tables for meals. Candidates receiving offers of employment usually begin working on company cruise ships immediately after going through training, while the remaining interviewees are generally put on a waiting list for future job openings.


  • rolando says:

    1 am almost 50 years old, having an excellent health and a good posture college graduate and have a full experience in sales. am i qualified to get a job?


  • ALEX says:

    Please tell me how much do you pay per hour for a dishwasher job?
    I would like to know about the hourly wage and how many hours can I get!!!
    Thanks and please get back to me!!!

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