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American Eagle Outfitters pdf application

What Should I Do with This Form?

The directions below provide details on how to fill out American Eagle Outfitters applications. Once it is complete, take the form to the nearest location and submit it in person. You can learn more about applying online here, or search for jobs near you.

Why Apply at American Eagle Outfitters?

American Eagle Outfitters is a large chain of retail stores. Locations carry a range of clothing and accessories. As a brand that appeals to young adults, the franchise likes to hire entry-level workers with good communication skills. Print out an application by clicking the image above to download the PDF.

Job Functions

The front page explains what an American Eagle Outfitters job entails. On the other side, candidates find the requirements for completing daily tasks. Clarify any reasons it might be hard to do these functions. To confirm understanding, sign and date the bottom.

General Information

First, applicants write the location where they would like to work. The application form then needs a name, address, and basic contact info. Job seekers will reveal any history of working or applying at American Eagle Outfitters.

Within this section, the candidate can choose a position to apply for. Next, add the soonest possible starting date. Select a preference of part-time, full-time, temporary, or seasonal work.

A seven-day chart lets the applicant share availability. Job hopefuls should list other names they have used in the past. This ensures the company is able to check entire work and school records.

Permission to Work

Potential workers now verify United States citizenship on the application. Anyone under 18 years old can state their age using the line provided.

Work History

Use this space to record past employers. The application form asks for the names of these previous jobs. Give full address, salary, and employment details for each.

There are also questions about firings and contacting former supervisors. Respond to both honestly. Doing so contributes to a smooth hiring process.


Managers prefer job seekers to provide references who are not relatives. Candidates fill in basic information for these contacts, describing the means and length of the relationships.

Education and Training

Job hopefuls give general info on their schooling and the amount completed, beginning with high school. Note college or graduate experience, as well as additional training relevant to American Eagle Outfitters jobs.

Criminal History and Company Policies

Aspiring workers who have prior felony convictions or guilty pleas can disclose so here. After that is a list of policies. Prospective employees must read through these guidelines, and offer a dated signature to agree to them.

Finishing the American Eagle Outfitters Application

After putting the final touches on the job application, deliver it to a local American Eagle Outfitters store. Ask to speak to the manager, then hand it in. Meeting hiring personnel now may help when it comes time for an interview.

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