American Girl Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at American Girl

American Girl job interviews feature a variety of questions tailored to the retail industry. To participate in the interview process, applicants must first submit the required forms for employment consideration. After reviewing the applicant information, the toy retailer selects the most eligible candidates to schedule job interviews at participating stores and contacts the workers by phone. While on the phone with hiring personnel, applicants may respond to several detailed questions regarding the employment process and the position desired. Most, if not all, American Girl jobs require acute attention to detail. Applicants generally answer to several series of intensive interview questions during the American Girl hiring process for employment consideration.

Second Rounds of Interviews

Most candidates encounter one-on-one interviews with an American Girl hiring manager. Group interviews may prove necessary in cases of numerous applicants for the same position. Human resources representatives generally lead American Girl job interviews. During group sessions, potential supervisors or store managers may join human resources representatives in conducting the interviews. Interview questions used in the hiring process vary by position. Photographers may respond to questions about lighting or equipment.

Interview Questions for Applicants

Doll hair stylists may need to answer to inquiries about background in doll making or styling. The average sales associate fields interview questions like: “Why do you want to work for American Girl?” and “What is your favorite doll?”

Make Solid First Impressions

Arrive on time to each American Girl job interview dressed appropriately for the occasion. Applicants should possess a familiarity of American Girl merchandise prior to the interview process. Conduct research on American Girl before attending the first interview session.

Research the Company and Follow Up

Formulate questions to ask the interviewers based on the research, including inquiries about work environment, career advancement opportunities, and training programs. Asking questions during the American Girl interview process shows a genuine desire to work for the retail company. Upon completing the American Girl hiring process, follow up with a thank-you email or letter expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

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