America’s Best Value Inn Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at America’s Best Value Inn

Whether looking for part-time front desk clerk positions or full-time facility maintenance jobs, applicants in search of employment with America’s Best Value Inn must successfully complete all parts of the hiring process. The hotel chain boasts over 50,000 guest rooms comprising a network exceeding 1,000 locations throughout North America. America’s Best Value Inn holds thousands of available job opportunities and conducts hiring for the open positions on a consistent and recurring basis.

Initial Steps and Response Times

The first step in the America’s Best Value Inn hiring process requires applicants to submit contact forms and formal employment documents. America’s Best Value Inn contacts applicants with desirable qualifications and employment histories following official review of the documents. Formal contact from an America’s Best Value Inn hiring representative may take as long as a few weeks to occur. Current need and the size of the applicant pool typically dictate the waiting period average candidates go through to hear back from the hotel chain.

Moving Forward

Latter stages of the America’s Best Value Inn interview process include face-to-face hiring sessions. Workers sit with hotel staff, generally head supervisors or operations managers, to talk at-length about past jobs, potential responsibilities, customer service, hotel operations, codes of conduct, and overall protocol. The length of each interview may vary slightly depending on the position desired and frankness of the interview participants.

Possible America’s Best Value Inn Interview Questions

Interview questions put to prospective associates deal with situations or scenarios common to hotels, such as: “How would you handle an intoxicated and unruly guest?”, “How would you ensure every guest had an enjoyable stay?”, “Have you ever worked in the hotel industry/for America’s Best Value Inn?”, and “Are you able to work late nights and weekends?”

Interview Talking Points

When preparing for America’s Best Value Inn interviews, applicants should dress in professional or formal clothing. America’s Best Value Inn also looks for professional attitudes during the hiring process and workers committed to providing excellent service and solid work performance on a regular basis. Certain positions may require applicants to demonstrate sales abilities; however, most jobs available stress work ethic and customer service.


  • marie G says:

    hi i work as a housekeeper at Americas Best Value Inn and I my wages are paid per room, is that common for most Americas Best Value Inn and can anyone tell me what is the average pay ,for most housekeepers. Thank you

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