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Ann Taylor designs fashions for the everyday woman. The company maintains operations in almost every U.S. state, with hundreds of stores nationwide. Job seekers benefit from the popularity of the brand, which accounts for almost 20,000 full-time and entry-level opportunities.

Facts About Working at Ann Taylor

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ann Taylor?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Part-Time & Full-Time Sales Lead, Summer Intern, Co- Manager, Merchandise Manager, Store Manager, Corporate Intern, District Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Ann Taylor Job Outlook

Fashion lovers and retail career seekers often take dual interest in Ann Taylor jobs. The prominent fashion house and outlet chain specializes in clothing for adult women ages 18 to 35. Stores operating under the company banner must hire new and motivated individuals able to connect with patrons and offer excellent customer service. A majority of positions available include part-time, entry-level sales roles. However, workers may also find career-oriented jobs in management and corporate fields with the right qualifications and drive.

New hires encounter supportive, trendy, and inspiring work environments. Most storefronts feature between 15 and 30 employees per location, which often operates within shopping malls, outdoor shopping centers, or as a standalone retail outlet. Patrons enjoy expertly crafted fashions at reasonable price points, with regular discounts and sales available through promotions, and one-on-one sales help from dedicated teams. Ann Taylor workers receive schedule flexibility, opportunities for advancement, and competitive pay scales. Applicants must demonstrate confidence in explaining products and services and making sound recommendations. Large volumes of daily traffic require personable attitudes and dedicated personalities.

Ann Taylor Employment and Salary Information

Ann Taylor entry-level jobs typically require applicants to hold high school diplomas or GEDs, one year of related experience, and the ability to work in teams. The minimum hiring age to work for the fashion house rests at 18 years. Most new hires assume part-time roles featuring 15 to 30 hours of work per week. Available jobs regularly include the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • Daily responsibilities revolve around customer service and entail ringing up purchases at sales counters, stocking shelves and arranging displays in visually appealing ways, and providing merchandise recommendations.
  • Organized and proactive individuals usually fare best during the hiring process.
  • Workers should also demonstrate some personal interest in the Ann Taylor brand and maintain fashionable appearances.
  • Both written and verbal communication skills factor into overall hiring decisions.
  • The predominantly part-time role offers minimum wage starting pay, with full-time hours available through proven work performance.
  • Full-time sales associates may earn as much as $10.00 or $11.00 per hour.


  • Career opportunities in store management begin with the entry-level supervisory position of sales lead and culminate with the positions of assistant store manager and store manager.
  • In order to qualify for sales lead positions, applicants must possess multiple years of proven leadership experience in related posts.
  • Recruitment officials look for effective communicators and delegators to work as managers.
  • Ideal candidates build strong, capable teams of sales personnel, analyze industry trends, and implement corporate policies effectively.
  • Typical workdays consist of supervising subordinate employees, maintaining inventories, scheduling, and assisting in sales and stocking.
  • Similar to sales associate jobs, managers must also hold strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Sales lead employees enjoy starting wages around $10.00 an hour, with assistant store managers earning between $30,000 and $40,000 per year.
  • Annual salary options for store managers top $45,000, in most cases.

Tips For Applying

Successful applicants regularly demonstrate the qualities outlined in the company mission statement for employees, which states workers should embody team-player, fashion-first, extroverted, and communicative character traits. During job interviews, hiring personnel screen candidates for the traits set forth in the company mission and look for responses geared toward the valued attributes. Applicants should practice forming responses ahead of time to ensure incorporation of the highlighted traits and should also prepare trendy and updated outfits using Ann Taylor merchandise to wear to interviews to further show love of the brand and motivation to work in the fashion industry.

Application Status

The fashion house enables applicants to apply for employment in store or online. Regardless of the method used, workers may visit the desired storefront or contact hiring managers by phone or email to follow up on submitted employment forms. Restrict follow-up calls, emails, and/or visits to less busy times of day. Most stores maintain schedules featuring peak shopping hours, and applicants failing to respect the busy schedules of managers may lose favor during final deliberations. A typical job hopeful receives an invitation to interview anywhere within a couple of days to a week after applying.

Benefits of Working at Ann Taylor

While employment benefits remain limited for part-time associates beyond flexible schedules and discounts on merchandise, full-time employees enjoy comprehensive healthcare, financial planning, and work/life balance perks. After attaining full-time status, Ann Taylor workers receive:

  • Medical
  • Dental and vision plans
  • Company-matched 401(k) retirement plans with up to 4.5% contributions
  • Paid vacation and leaves of absence
  • Life insurance options
  • Stock purchase plans and dependent eligibility for insurance

The fashion house also offers adoption assistance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and flexible spending accounts.

Further Details on Ann Taylor

In addition to traditional part-time and full-time employment opportunities as entry-level associates or career professionals in management, Ann Taylor offers paid internships for aspiring fashion workers. Qualifying applicants receive one-on-one training and guidance from industry leaders at the company home offices in New York City. Only college juniors or seniors may qualify for the programs, which run between 10 weeks and a full semester. The internships come with full-time job status and competitive pay rates.

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