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How to Get a Job at Ann Taylor

As a highly fashionable retail chain, Ann Taylor considers applicant wardrobes in addition to personalities and strengths and weaknesses in a retail setting. Wear appropriate interviewing attire, but avoid looking drab. Use your clothing to express your quality fashion sense and individuality. If possible, wear clothing sold at Ann Taylor. The fashion retailer wants to hire brand advocates that exude genuine passion for the Ann Taylor clothing. Make sure to come to Ann Taylor interviews with up-to date knowledge on all of the latest fashion trends. If necessary, take time before each job interview to read up on the latest fashions and solidify your understanding of the fashion retail industry. Additionally, Ann Taylor looks for crew members who work hard and congeal well with coworkers. During the Ann Taylor interview process, show strong work ethics, team focus, and critical-thinking skills with each answer. Remember that Ann Taylor puts customers first, and use craft responses to showcase your serve guests abilities.

General Hiring Process Information

Ann Taylor conducts in-depth interviews lasting about 45 minutes in length for sales associate jobs. The entry-level interviews typically feature one-on-one formats with a hiring manager. In cases with numerous applicants, Ann Taylor may conduct group interviews in order to screen multiple candidates at one time. Hiring sessions typically begin with basic interview questions about future goals and interest in the job. Ann Taylor looks for workers with fashion knowledge and test applicants on the subject regularly. Some fashion-related questions include: "Who is your favorite fashion icon?" and "What are three must-have pieces for this coming season?" A majority of questions featured in Ann Taylor sales associate interviews cover customer-service skills and ethics. Applicants frequently encounter behavioral questions like: "What would you if you saw a customer steal?" and "How do you define customer service?"

Additional Considerations for Employment

Store manager roles require candidates to pass several interview rounds. Initial Ann Taylor interviews are often conducted over the phone. Topics usually covered include team-building, goal-reaching, and customer relations. Successful applicants then move on to participate on one or two face-to-face interviews with recruitment personnel. Ann Taylor interview questions typically probe for past experiences leading team members and resolving customer conflicts in positions of management. Example prompts and questions include: "Tell us about a time when you failed to properly motivate a staff member. What were your actions afterward? What would you do differently next time?" and "What was the most difficult experience you faced and what did you do to solve the situation?"



    I would like to be part of the ann taylor staff. I love their fashion, outfits, and working with ann taylor will give me great joy and expose me to fashion.

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