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Specializing in clothing for women and operating as a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie employs both entry-level and career-minded individuals interested in fashion retail. With over 175 stores worldwide, the clothing retailer continually hires new staff to fill a multitude of positions.

Facts About Working at Anthropologie

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Anthropologie?)

Available Positions: Part-Time Sales Associate, Full-Time Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Personal Shopper, Display Coordinator, Customer Care Specialist, Part-Time Receiver, Full-Time Receiver, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Manager in Training, Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Sales Manager, Product Development Specialist, Financial Analyst, Technical Designer, Display and Merchandising Intern, Visual Display Intern

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Anthropologie Job Opportunities

With an emphasis on chic and sought-after designs to fit and reflect the personal style of each customer, Anthropologie resolves to find employees who correspond with the company mission. Seeking staff with genuine interests and eyes for fashion, the retail chain also desires employees with warm, inviting, and sales-oriented personalities. The ability to adapt, show flexibility in scheduling, and the possession of innovative spirit tend to impress hiring personnel, as well. Interested applicants may find access to employment through online searches via the company website or standard paper applications at store locations.

Anthropologie offers entry-level workers the opportunity to receive competitive wages, flexible scheduling, and exceptional discounts and work benefits. With an eye on contemporary fashion and apparel, applicants may find eventual careers with the retailer by working up from store associate to personal shopper and eventually department manager or store manager. Working in the retail industry allows candidates with passion for fashion to shine on an everyday basis, utilize exceptional interpersonal skills, and build toward long-standing careers. Most entry-level jobs also serve as excellent secondary positions to earn extra income, work while attending school, and enjoy flexible hours to participate in extracurricular activities, as well.

Anthropologie Positions and Salary Information

Candidates seeking employment with the fashion retailer typically must meet general hiring requirements, such as standing at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. For seasonal help, the chain may lower the hiring age to 16 with proper work permits. For most management positions, employees generally need additional education and experience in order to qualify. Common positions readily available include:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates continuously display attention to detail as well as the ability to apply current fashion trends to shopper interactions.
  • Assisting in customer selections, offering recommendations of alternatives or suggestively upselling based on customer needs, and building candid connections with customers remain the primary duties for employees.
  • Sales associates generally possess basic math skills, work part-time shifts, and must always utilize proper phone etiquette.
  • Standard starting pay for sales associates typically rests at $10.00 an hour, with the possibility of earning up to $13.00 hourly with promotion and tenure.

Stock Associate

  • Accountable for maintaining back-of-house areas, stock associates work in teams to receive, unpack, and replenish product on the sales floor.
  • Stock associates must complete shipment turnarounds with rapidity, show the ability to multitask, operate efficiently on deadlines, and display knowledge of loss prevention awareness and deterrence.
  • Employees must also coordinate shipments, maintain store cleanliness standards, and expedite the replenishment of top-selling items.
  • Stock associates may earn hourly wages up to $11.00.


  • The retailer hires for various levels of management within the store, including department managers, assistant store managers, and store managers.
  • Department managers mentor, lead, and coach subordinate employees to meet sales goals each day.
  • Employees may approach department managers to assist in sales, customer requests or complaints, and act as support in stressful situations.
  • Assistant managers and store managers perform administrative functions, such as hiring, disciplining, and scheduling new and current staff, maintaining sales goals, implementing marketing strategies, balancing profitability against labor hours, and ensuring store experiences adhere with corporate standards.
  • Employees may receive promotion to department manager from entry-level positions, while higher levels of supervisory roles may require additional tenure and academic backgrounds.
  • Annual salary options for managers may range from $35,000 to $60,000.

Tips For Applying

The fashion retailer offers interested applicants a variety of ways to apply for positions. By utilizing the company website, candidates may upload personal information from social media sites or build profiles from scratch. Applicants should gather hiring information ahead of time in order to expedite the process. The ability to apply for multiple positions becomes easier and more streamlined once a job seeker creates a profile. When filling out applications in store, candidates should dress accordingly in store clothing or similar fashions in order to project genuine interest and knowledge of the fashion industry.

Application Status

Applicants receive confirmation of submission once all hiring materials arrive with hiring personnel, typically through email. In order to check on job status, candidates may wish to call, email, or visit store hiring locations in person. Try to remain conscientious of hiring personnel duties and responsibilities as well as peak store hours, so as to not become a nuisance. Remaining respectfully aware of managerial business needs may result in increased hiring consideration.

Anthropologie Work Benefits

Employees regularly enjoy competitive pay scales, paid training, and impressive store discounts. Full-time associates may enjoy access to additional work benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans as well as enrollment in supplemental life insurance and disability coverage. In addition, some employees receive paid time off, vacation time, and personal days. The company also invites workers to enroll in certain financial planning benefits like 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information about Anthropologie

Anthropologie offers customers a loyalty program called Anthro, which enables members to receive notices about store exclusives, new arrivals, access to personal stylists, and birthday discounts. The store hosts exclusive events throughout the year, and loyalty program membership comes with a guaranteed spot on guest lists. In addition, customers receive opportunities to pre-shop stores whenever new fashions arrive and maintain access to personal shoppers, who help patrons find just the right style to fit everyday needs.


  • H'Sama Rmah says:

    It is my first time working for Anthropologie. Previously, I worked for Fashion Town, where I handled several duties such as cashier, tracking products on the company’s website, and ensuring customers were satisfied with their purchases. As well as recording inventory, I ensure that our store does not run out of products for restocking. As soon as I finish taking inventory of the products that need to be ordered, I will report my findings to the boss.

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