Anytime Fitness Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness fills professional and entry-level jobs across the U.S. The nationwide gym hires reception workers and professional fitness instructors with regularity to staff existing locations. Candidates often experience different interview processes depending on the specific position desired. However, the average applicant comes up against a brief series of phone and face-to-face interviews during the hiring process as well as background checks and drug testing to round out necessary procedures. For personal trainers, the interview process may only take a week. Conversely, job seekers looking for work as general managers of fitness center locations may spend as much as three months in review.

How to Dress

Dress in business-casual to professional clothing for each step of the Anytime Fitness interview process. Only wear casual garb if previously instructed to wear such clothing, as personal trainers may need to demonstrate abilities that require full range of motion.

How Long Will I Spend in the Anytime Fitness Interview Process?

Physical trainer and fitness instructor jobs usually involve two rounds of interviews, first with the club manager and then a second with a regional manager. Aspiring sales personnel generally interview over the phone first and then meet with club staff in-person. Each interview may last anywhere from 20 minutes and up to an hour, although most hiring sessions run brief and stay on-point.

Types of Questions Frequently Asked

Anytime Fitness interview questions often touch on typical job duties of the position desired. Focus responses on fitness, wellness, and health when answering questions. Applicants primarily respond to prompts like, "Why do you want to work in the health and fitness industry?" or "What personal experience do you have with fitness?" Once the interview process ends, industry etiquette allows interviewees to contact hiring managers in-person or by phone to check on job offers. Most determinations happen within the first few days of the final interview.


  • Julie says:

    One question that they may ask you on an interview with Anytime Fitness is to tell them 1 to 3 words that best describe yourself.

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