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Download a printable A&P Supermarket employment form.

A&P Supermarket pdf application

Benefits of Printing the A&P Application

Individuals looking to gain unique hiring consideration for positions available in the grocery store industry should consider filling out printable versions of the A&P application. The downloadable documents allow candidates the ability to meet with hiring personnel onsite and without the bother of pulling managers away from daily responsibilities. Workers often use the meetings to ask questions about behavioral and procedural expectations. Other appropriate topics to cover include potential pay rates and projected hours.

Candidates turning the forms in personally also benefit from the ability to demonstrate professional attitudes through dress, body language, and overall behavior. The highly personable natures of most assigned duties at grocery stores for both part-time and full-time workers often serve as major talking points during interviews. Applicants may broach the subjects early when handing over PDFs filled in, signed, and dated, which consistently leads to impromptu interviews and potential on-the-spot job offers.

How to Fill out the A&P PDF Application

The brief employment form should take applicants around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Hiring forms submitted to the popular grocery store, both electronic and printable, contain multiple sections dedicated to personal information, contact details, employment histories, and academic backgrounds. Workers also answer questions regarding positions desired and technical skills. Complete the forms in full to receive formal review.

“Employment Application”
A large, untitled section kicks off the hiring forms asking for desired positions and salary rates, names, telephones, and addresses, and type of employment sought, i.e. regular or temporary, part-time or full-time. The PDF application moves on to ask about previous employment with A&P, first available start dates, hours available to work, and referral sources. Individuals must also list whether under the age of 18, indicate possession of work permits (if applicable), mark off on legal ability to work in the United States, and divulge information regarding criminal backgrounds. Applicants with criminal backgrounds must explain any and all offenses.

“Education, Training, or Equivalent Experience”
Job seekers maintain a little bit of freedom filling out the Education, Training, or Experience section. The segment provides a chart with spaces for up to three different types of institutions or programs attended and/or completed by prospective employees. Workers may list high schools, colleges, trade schools, vocational programs, or certification trainings in the blanks. Make sure each academic institution listed aligns with the expectations of positions desired. Enter in the names, locations, dates attended, and degrees, certifications, or diplomas received.

“Technical Skills”
The printable application also asks for job hopefuls to check off on technical abilities. Using the check boxes and marking every applicable skill, individuals demonstrate previous use of equipment and machinery commonly found in grocery stores. Examples include calculators, pallet jacks, fork lifts, and cash registers. A separate set of check boxes showcases candidate computer skills. Lines appear for candidates to write in abilities not listed on the forms, if desired.

Most entry-level positions require little-to-no employment experience for formal consideration; however, the A&P printable PDF asks candidates with professional backgrounds to list details regarding former jobs in the spaces provided. Information on current or most recent jobs should appear in the top blanks followed by two more positions listed chronologically backwards, if applicable. Details include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the former employers. Candidates additionally list dates employed, specific job titles, salary options, reasons for leaving, and the names and titles of past supervisors. The grocer also asks for permission to contact each employer.

“Consent and Signature”
The final section of the PDF application provides legal debriefing regarding the status of employees upon hire as well as information surrounding background checks, physicals, and the disclosure of data provided on the hiring documents with recruitment personnel. Signing and dating the documents certifies the agreement between prospective associates and the employer.