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What Should I Do With This Form?

With the directions on this page, start filling out the job application now, then take it to a manager at your local Applebee’s. If instead you’d like to apply online, check out our page for help. You can also search for jobs close to you.

Applying at Applebee’s

Job seekers who are passionate about food and dining will fit in with a career at Applebee’s. The company offers positions as servers, cooks, and dishwashers, among others. Candidates age 16 or older are eligible for hire.

The Applebee’s application is short and straightforward. Sections relate to availability, previous job experience, and personal info. It is best to apply for a specific job and to understand its duties. Use the image above to download the PDF application.

Completing the Applebee’s Application

Begin by gathering all necessary materials, like a driver’s license. Print clearly in a dark ink pen. Take the time to make sure all answers are thorough and true. When finished, return the application form to the desired location.

General Information and Availability

The first section in the Applebee’s application asks for simple facts about the job. Here, people can choose the position and pay rate they want. This is also the place to list any past work at an Applebee’s.

The applicant then fills in a date to start and times to work. Restaurants often look for a candidate that has an open schedule, so respond accurately.

Job History

Here, candidates have a chance to show hiring managers their work experience. They must state each company’s name, address, and phone number, as well as the supervisor and wages. Applicants should also note a reason for leaving and chance of being rehired.

Personal Information

Basic details about the applicant are necessary for hiring purposes. The section asks for a name, address, phone, and social security number. All need to indicate if they are at least 16 or over 18 years old. Be sure to include the date of application too.

A candidate convicted of a felony will disclose this on the application. The company considers the type of crime, time since conviction, and rehabilitation before disqualifying hires.


Once job hopefuls complete the application, the form prompts a signature and date. Applicants must sign for the document to be official. Read over questions and answers for accuracy before submitting. Meeting a manager in person could lead to consideration for an Applebee’s job.

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