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Over 1,000 ARCO gas stations operate in the western United States. Founded in 1966, the company offers low fuel prices, which draw in new and returning customers and allow for the creation of new jobs. Entry-level employment opportunities exist for committed workers.

Facts About Working at ARCO

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at ARCO?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Worker, Team Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Transport Driver

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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ARCO Employment Opportunities

Short for the Atlantic Richfield Company, the ARCO chain remains a leading employer in the refueling industry. Work in gas station attendant and management positions widely stays accessible to job seekers and professionals. A majority of the gas stations pair with ampm convenience stores. Employment hopefuls find onsite work options related to food service, as well. Candidates dedicated to exceptional customer service generally fare well with the company. The business serves approximately 24 million consumers per month.

The company creates customer service positions in retail filling stations. As the brand widely holds the reputation for offering the most affordable gas prices in many operating areas, stores prove busy during both daytime and nighttime hours. Employment hopefuls may fill vacancies with the company to help sustain the high levels of productivity expected of employees. Plentiful jobs stand available for residents of California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington, where ARCO locations primarily operate.

ARCO Jobs and Salary Information

Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age to work at ARCO, as stations sell alcohol and tobacco products. Gas station occupations typically include retail, service, management, and even repair positions at some locations. The following jobs represent common work opportunities in the field:

Customer Service Associate

  • Traditionally a part-time position, workers usually make minimum wage.
  • Also known as cashiers or gas station attendants, employees adhere to high standards of cleanliness and maintain presentable work areas.
  • Excellent communication skills strongly benefit workers, as job duties consistently involve direct interaction with customers.
  • Prolonged standing, lifting, and reaching prove everyday exertions, as well.
  • Although no particular experience or education requirements stand mandatory for the position, job seekers with high school diplomas and retail backgrounds may gain consideration over other applicants.

Assistant Manager

  • Assistant managers, under the direction of a store manager, run the station and supervise entry-level employees.
  • Job responsibilities may include training new hires, taking inventory, reviewing the cash drawer, and opening and closing the store.
  • During busy periods of the day, managers also assist other workers with basic duties to maintain productivity and a high standard of customer service.
  • Candidates with high school diplomas and previous management experience face improved prospects of hire.
  • Normally full-time occupations with much accountability, assistant managers earn pay rates rising as high as $17.00 per hour.

Service Technician

  • Working out of repair garages, service technicians inspect, fix, and maintain motor vehicles.
  • Entry-level workers perform basic procedures such as oil changes, tire rotations, and checks on fluid levels.
  • More experienced employees carry out part replacements and other difficult repairs.
  • Full-time technicians enjoy annual salary options hovering around $30,000.
  • Though extensive training on the jobsite proves regular, applicants with prior repair experience and interest in automobiles stand strongly favored.

Tips For Applying

Candidates should present outgoing and pleasant demeanors when submitting applications and during interviews. The company seeks workers who enjoy interacting with customers and providing high-quality service. Applicants also strongly benefit from maintaining open work schedules, as stores often operate 24 hours per day and seven days a week. ARCO hires motivated and dedicated individuals to meet staffing needs. Fill out applications honestly and in as much detail as possible to best emphasize positive qualities.

Application Status

Job seekers typically apply in person at ARCO stations. Paper applications normally remain available behind the counter for interested individuals to fill out. Applicants usually receive a call from hiring personnel within a week of submitting documents. If management does not call within a week, call or visit the store to follow up on the status of the process. Interviews generally take place on location and consist of questions designed to determine if an individual proves a suitable fit for hire. Background checks and drug screenings sometimes stand mandatory, as well.

Benefits of Working at ARCO

Employees of ARCO enjoy attractive compensation rates for the industry, frequently including paid training and Christmas bonuses. Flexible shift options also exist, and workers normally choose schedules and the number of hours per week. Meal discounts may prove available at locations paired with ampm stores, and break opportunities often stay accommodating, as well. Management employees working full-time may obtain benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off.

More Details on ARCO

Alongside ampm convenience stores, ARCO gas stations remain available for franchising purposes in 15 states. US citizens with proper credentials and sufficient liquid capital may become franchise owners in the lucrative trade. Individuals gain corporate consulting support and the product recognition inherent in the name of the respected brand. Corporate headquarters sit in La Palma, CA. The company operates as a subsidiary of the Tesoro Corporation.


  • sandy says:

    The most fun I’ve had on a job was a gas station. Would love to work for one again, enjoyed the swing shift.

  • alva marroquin says:

    I worked there before and i really enjoyed it. Some of the workers left because there was going to be a new owner, but I would want work there again. Good hours and good pay.

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