Army and Air Force Exchange Service Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Though affiliated with the U.S. armed forces, Army & Air Force Exchange Service interviews civilian candidates to fill numerous entry-level and professional positions. Areas of employment for civilians include auditing, logistics, IT, marketing, and retail sales. The interview process remains unique for each job area. Army & Air Force Exchange Service uses specialized procedures to evaluate competency and aptitude for a specific job.

Questions Asked for Store Associate Jobs

Store associate figures as the most common job title available with Army & Air Force Exchange Service. The organization looks for dedicated and responsible workers to fill open positions. Personnel usually assesses applicants through one or more interviews with recruitment staff members. Common interview questions include: "What do you think Army & Air Force Exchange Service represents?", "What are your strengths and weaknesses?", and "What makes you right for the job?" Managers may also pose behavioral questions that delve into previous work experience. Some behavioral prompts may consist of: "Describe a time when you went above and beyond your necessary duties," and "What were the biggest challenges of your last job?" Following all necessary Army & Air Force Exchange Service interviews, an applicant needs to submit to a drug test and criminal background check.

Arrive Early and Be Specific

Being punctual remains highly important to gaining employment. Applicants need to show up early to job interviews, which may require planning routes to store locations ahead of time. During interviews, candidates should express abilities to adhere to work schedules. In addition to reliability, the military-affiliated retailer looks for motivated team members. Job seekers should show goal-driven natures and express career aspirations. Applicants should listen carefully to questions and provide brief yet detailed responses. Applicants with past work experiences should talk about the skills and knowledge they gained from past jobs. In the closing moments of Army & Air Force Exchange Service job interviews, candidates should provide handshakes and thank interviewers for their time.


  • Christianna S. says:

    First off I have worked in AAFES for almost a year now. For the interview you will need to have a photo ID. No one gets on most Military Installations with out showing your ID to at the very least 1 cop at the gate. This is true even if the interviewer picks you up from the visitors center, as mine did.
    Second issue is drug testing – honestly the answer to that is yes and no. It depends on the job you applied for. Honestly in the food court we would probably lose half of or kids if we did. However a warehouse worker usually is drug tested.
    Another thing that you MUST be aware of, if they do let you drive yourself on base, you and your vehicle are subject to a search at any given moment. I have seen it done on Airmen that didn’t stop long enough at a stop sign. So don’t have anything stupid in there is what I am saying. For some places it is fireworks and drugs, others just drugs. Yes I’ve had my car ripped apart because I had pill box without the accompanying pill bottles with the actual prescription.
    I hope this helps some of you out there.

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