Ashley Furniture Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Ashley Furniture

Employment hunters hoping for an interview with Ashley Furniture must submit hiring forms online, through a recruiter, or at the location of desired employment. Managers typically review employment materials and contact eligible candidates within two weeks to schedule phone screenings. Managers or recruiters conduct brief phone interviews, which typically delve into topics like employment background and availability before arranging face-to-face meetings.

Basic Outline

Interviews often take place onsite, with applicants meeting multiple managers successively in 1:1 or in group formats. During group interviews, applicants often take personality and skills assessment tests. Managers appraise test results and call promising candidates to set up a final interview. After successful hiring sessions, new associates usually submit to drug screening before beginning work with the furniture company.


Applicants should wear business-formal apparel to Ashley Furniture job interviews.

Typical Interview Questions

With the exception of warehouse workers, most positions revolve around interacting with customers, and associates must look sharp at all times. Questions like, "Tell me about your previous job; what were your duties there?" probe into applicant experience and work history. Applicants with a background in retail sales or the furniture industry often garner preferential treatment during the interview session. Associates also cite communicating an open schedule as important to earning hiring consideration with the furniture retailer.

Desirable Personalities

Managers hire on new associates with personable character traits, especially for sales and customer service positions. Applicants should respond to interview questions enthusiastically and exude positive attitudes. During concluding interviews, managers usually detail job descriptions, discuss salary possibilities, and extend job offers. Applicants who do not receive employment offerings at the final meeting should follow-up within a week to check on hiring determinations.


  • James says:

    I just recently was hired on at Ashley Furniture Homestore. I will tell you my journeywith the whole application and interview experience.

    I went in one day and asked to fill out an application, I was given a packet of information containing the usual employment forms, and a ‘trait/characteristic’ questionnaire. This was pretty straight forward, and the goal with these questionnaires are simply to learn more about your strengths, traits, characteristics and just overall getting to know you, before we meet you kind of thing. I personally liked this because its less you have to sit and chat about what you are good at yada yada, they will already have a general idea after reviewing your results. This is in no way a right or wrong type of quiz.

    After filling out these papers, Ashley Furniture creates a profile for you, this took about 1.5 to 2 weeks to process. I recieved a call asking for an interview after about this time frame. To my knowledge, if they are hiring, you are almost guarenteed an interview.

    Dress to impress. I applied for warehouse, and showed up wearing nice dress pants, shoes and shirt with tie. Regardless of the position, tidiness and a professional look always helps. Don’t feel like a fool dressing up! It can only help you.

    I sat down with the owner of the branch and he reviewed my questionnaire, asked a few simple questions about school (since I am a college student) and basically informed me of their policy and how important it is to please the customer. General employment talk. There were some fun impromptu questions he threw at me, These were not intimidating at all and I was able to generate fast, honest answers. Truth is always best.

    I was hired the same day as my interview, and was told that they were very impressed with me. I do not have much to show for, a mid-twenties college student still pursuing my education, with a huge whole in my employment history ( being a full-time student for some time with no work. )

    Best advise I can give is to be yourself, be honest, be early to your interview, be friendly, courteous, Yes ma’am, Yes Sir, Initiate conversation and small talk on your own, don’t wait to be asked a question to speak. After all – this store deals with customers and providing exceptional customer service, so the more you initiate conversation and show enthusiasm, the more you will be considered for the position. ( and remember, I applied for warehouse. Rarely do customers come in contact with warehouse staff, other than item pickups) But i still asserted myself as If i were applying to be store manager. Be confident, show them you mean business and wish to help the company succeed in any way you are able.

    Today was actually my first day! This is promising to be a great company to work for.

    Good Luck!

  • James says:

    @ Lisa,

    Lifting is not bad at all. They say upwards of 50 lbs at any time. But you are NEVER expected to carry anything that heavy yourself. Your fellow co-workers will always help and most moving that is done is usually with help from one other person. They would much rather have two people carry one box, for your safety, and the safety of the item. When unloading or loading the trucks, hand trucks or Dolly’s are almost required to be used to ease the moving process from truck to its section in the warehouse.

    You will also assemble pieces of furniture in prep for the order to go out on the truck the following day, My fellow co-workers showed me all the tools of the trade and tricks to opening the boxes for the easiest assembly possible. In most cases, items are pretty much assembled. You open the box, pull the item out. You may have to assemble a dining room chair, or screw bed posts to a frame, but other than that its more like just un-packaging items, so they can be delivered to the buyer just as they saw it in the showroom.

    in my opinion – its not the lifting that’s the pain, its walking on concrete all day 🙂 But you get used to it.

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