Ashley Stewart Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Ashley Stewart

National retailer Ashley Stewart gained notoriety for unique visions of selling plus-sized clothing for African-American women in the early 1990s, and continues to grow in the fashion retail industry. Company hiring personnel often look for efficient and productive workers to staff the expanding retail chain. Applicants may obtain and complete hiring forms in-person or online. Hiring staff often review information quickly and offer candidates job interviews within a day and up to a week after employment requests are submitted. Hiring meetings typically take place in store with a store manager.

Best Chances for Success

Applicants should arrive early prior to scheduled interview times dressed in appropriate attire. Job hopefuls may want to model clothing after current employees for best results.

Common Questions for Applicants

Ashley Stewart job candidates generally face common interview questions like:

  • “Have you ever worked in a retail setting?”
  • “Can you lift between 25 and 50 pounds?”
  • “Are you able to stand on your feet for long periods of time?”

Additional Talking Points

Hiring representatives may assess potential associate basic math skills with short, written tests. Applicants also field questions about availability and desired wages. Job hopefuls should tailor responses to fit Ashley Stewart values of regarding customer service.

Bring Up Experience

Candidates for both higher-up and entry-level positions should speak to previous experience and job skills applicable to desired positions. Ashley Stewart applicants need to know the job description and offer convincing proof for candidacy.

Time Table for Job Offers

Three or four days after the interview, thank any and all interviewers for the opportunity and follow-up by phone or email to inquire about hiring decisions.


  • Gracie says:

    Before interviewing for a job at Ashley Stewart do your research about the company.

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