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Hiring process information for an interview at Asiana Airlines

How to Get a Job at Asiana Airlines

Korean air carrier Asiana Airlines interviews numerous entry-level and experienced candidates to staff both in-air and on-ground opportunities. The hiring process predominantly features multiple rounds of group and panel interviews. Most applicants participate in two group interviews overseen by a panel of officials, though highly advanced positions sometimes necessitate additional interview sessions and formats. In addition to common behavioral questions, job interviews usually include assessments to evaluate how well applicants read and speak Korean.

What to Expect in the First Interview

During the first interview session, Asiana Airlines hiring officials typically assign candidates to small groups of other job seekers hoping to work for the Korean airline. The interview starts with personal introductions and often incorporates general questions common to the airline industry, such as, "What is safety?". Interviewees should also be ready to discuss resume highlights and scholastic backgrounds. After the first job interview, Asiana Airlines generally contacts selected applicants within a week to schedule a second meeting, which usually follows a similar format as the first.

What to Expect in the Second Interview

The second Asiana Airlines interview often includes Korean language tests. Applicants interviewing for Asiana Airlines flight attendant jobs usually undergo a physical test to determine the height of their reach, as well.

Type of Dress Encouraged

Asiana Airlines encourages interviewees to wear proper corporate attire.

Female candidates:

  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Contained Hairstyles

Male candidates:

  • Suits
  • Ties
  • Dress Shoes
  • Clean Shaven

As the professional culture of Korean companies traditionally embraces conservative formality, applicants should avoid wearing vivid colors to Asiana Airlines job interviews, as well.

Time Tables to Hire

The entire Asiana Airlines interview process generally concludes within one to three weeks, depending on the specific job title desired.

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  1. Sofi

    I would like to apply job for flight attendant , how can I apply??

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    Hi Darius M:
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  3. yoyo

    Hi , I would like to apply job for Passenger Service Agent , how can i apply for it ? One more thing , I’m a fresh graduate actually , is there need any working experiences ? Appreciated that .


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