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Asplundh provides professional vegetation management services and leads in clearing the way for transportation, power, and pipelines. The full-service utility contractor always seeks qualified candidates to help build out teams.

Facts About Working at Asplundh

Minimum Age to Work at Asplundh: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Asplundh?)

Asplundh Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Available Positions at Asplundh: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Tree Trimmer, Apprentice Tree Trimmer, Crew Foreperson, Arborist, Pruner

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Asplundh Job Opportunities

The vegetation management company prides operations on professionalism and safe operating procedures and needs responsible individuals to fill out ranks. Services span from tree pruning to emergency storm clean up, and each regional team requires a large crew with a diverse range of responsibilities. Ideal candidates should embody the company values of safety, efficiency, and innovation. When going through the evaluation process, workers who demonstrate attention to detail, understanding of the importance of safety, and passion to succeed perform well during the hiring process. Anyone interested in forging new paths, both in trade and in professional careers, should consider working with the company.

Job opportunities span the globe, as the company maintains operations across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The environmental management company employs over 30,000 professionals worldwide, with new opportunities continually emerging for workers. Asplundh serves as the parent company for UtiliCon Solutions, a multifaceted provider of infrastructure services. The company welcomes individuals interested in utility work to apply with branch offices. Other fields of employment with the subsidiary include overhead and underground line construction, meter reading and insulation, infrared inspection, utility pole construction and maintenance, and traffic light services.

Asplundh Positions and Salary Information

Individuals may find fulfilling, well-paying careers with Asplundh. The company maintains the highest standard of pay in the industry, and employees may select method of pay, which includes direct deposit, check, or pay card. Every role offers the opportunity of career advancement and the company maintains a policy to promote from within whenever possible. For safety reasons, most roles require associates to meet the minimum age of 18 in order to begin work. Common opportunities with the company include:


  • Considered a general labor or skilled labor job, the Tree Trimmer role comprises cutting down, pruning, and trimming tree branches to clear paths.
  • Tree trimmers often use chain saws, handsaws, hooks, sheers, and clippers to chop down limbs and prune trees.
  • In addition to trimming, workers need to clear debris from job sites.
  • The job proves physically demanding, and associates must possess the ability to stay active all day.
  • Often using lifts or cherry pickers, tree trimmers need to work comfortably at elevated heights.
  • Candidates usually need to pass pre-employment drug tests and background checks and possess valid driver’s licenses.
  • Trimmers earn hourly pay that rangers from $15.00 to $18.00 an hour.


  • Flaggers direct traffic during roadway trimming operations.
  • Key to maintaining safe operations, flaggers must follow all rules and regulations set by the company to ensure the wellbeing of workers and drives alike.
  • Basic duties of the job include placing signs, barricades, and traffic cones, and motioning for lines of traffic to stop or go.
  • Flaggers often work in teams and communicate via radio to allow for coordinated traffic flow.
  • Due to the nature of the job, flaggers need to possess the ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • In most cases, flaggers also need to possess state-issued traffic control certifications.
  • Flaggers tend to make about $15.50 an hour, on average.


  • Formen manage operations on site.
  • Essential duties include directing small teams and providing quick resolutions to any problems onsite.
  • Forman also perform human resources duties, like hiring and training workers and setting work schedules.
  • The company typically hires worker with previous experience managing others in construction or utility service capacities.
  • The average pay for a foreperson ranges from $18.00 to about $23.00 an hour.

Tips for Applying

To apply for positions, candidates must call or email regional offices to begin the application process. Candidates may find contact information for regional offices by going to the official website, navigating to the jobs section, and clicking “search by State”. To discover even more vegetation management opportunities, potential workers may contact subsidiaries of the company. The company lists subsidiaries on the website and each listing features a contact email and phone number. Subsidiaries listed include ArborMetrics Solutions, Arborchem Products, Blume Tree services, DJ Silviculture Enterprises ULC, and UtilCon Solutions. Candidates should not initially submit resumes or CVs to contact emails. Instead, applicants need to inquire about positions and ask for the proper methods for applying.

Application Status

After correctly submitting applications, candidates wait to receive contact from hiring managers. If a week goes by without contact, applicants may call or email the appropriate contacts. Messages should remain brief; however, candidates should inquire about application statuses and express desire to work. Hiring managers favor selecting persistent individuals showing passion for the job.

Asplundh Employee Benefits

Benefits packages vary by job title, regional office, and union affiliation. Once hired, workers need to contact a general foreperson or supervisor to lean about employee benefits packaged. Qualified associates often earn job benefits supporting health and wellbeing, disability care, and financial success. Health and wellbeing coverage may include medical coverage along with flexible spending accounts. Even after leaving the company, workers may apply for continued coverage through a company-sponsored healthcare provider. For accident coverage, the company also offer basic life insure coverage along with voluntary supplemental life insurance. Eligible workers may access 401(k) retirement plans, which allow for contributions of up to 25 percent. Most associates also enjoy unique perks of the job, like working outside, working daytime schedules, and minimal micromanagement.

Other Information about Asplundh

Safety remains a top priority with Asplundh. The company imposes regulations to limit on-the-job accidents and sets strict safety policies to ensure employee safety. Working safety stands as a condition of employment, and all associates, from entry-level workers to top management, must agree to the principals stating all injuries remain preventable and no one should compromise safety to complete a task. The company also requires compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations and the American National Standard Insatiate. Associates must participate in ongoing onsite training to ensure safe operations. Workers may also face more specific training, including decision riving, traffic control, chain saw safety, first aid and CPR, and electrical hazard management.


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