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Over 99% of North Americans lie within the AT&T 4G LTE network, the largest of all U.S. carriers. Servicing more than 225 countries and territories, the telecommunications company provides a wide array of employment opportunities for job seekers.

Facts About Working at AT&T

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at AT&T?)

Available Positions: Retail Sales Consultant, Sales Support Representative, Retail Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Finance Representative, Web Developer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, IT Project Manager, IT Client Consultant, Technical Writer, Customer Service Representative, Customer Assistant, Sales Consultant, Sales Associate, Technical Support, Facility Technician, Service Technician, Sales Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Brand Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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AT&T Job Opportunities

Contributing to more than the telecommunications field, AT&T also offers television packages and internet services to both residences and businesses. Over 120 million people comprise company customer bases, which stimulates thousands of jobs for interested applicants. Workers find both entry-level and career-level management jobs featuring in-depth training and competitive pay. Most jobs available entail sales in retail positions, customer service, or innovative technologies. Evolving technologies create new jobs in mobile communications and entertainment for consumers. Personable and knowledgeable demeanors significantly increase applicant chances.

Founded in 1876, AT&T continuously connects people with the world and regularly hires individuals aspiring to branch the web further. Workers with IT aspirations or related communications fields may receive preferential treatment during the hiring process. Diverse employment options exist in various locations, including retail stores, call centers, corporate offices, and garages. Most entry-level positions require either college educations or experience in associated fields.

AT&T Employment and Wages Information

AT&T employs workers who provide technical or bill-pay support related to services. The prominent company seeks individuals who deploy specialized skillsets useful to each specific field. Associates receive comprehensive and periodical training to ensure adaptation within a constantly evolving industry. The list below details some of the most prevalent positions for hire:

Retail Sales Consultant

  • Entry-level sales consultants may work on full-time or part-time bases in fast-paced locations at mall kiosks, airports, or shopping centers.
  • Consultants must exhibit competitively spirited and personable characteristics to meet sales goals.
  • Customer service involves answering inquiries and educating customers on services in addition to resolving complaints.
  • Sales consultants must maintain strong brand knowledge ranging from products, accessories, and service features to promotions, pricing plans, competitor offers, and service features.
  • Most sales consultants earn salary options ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 per year upon achieving sales goal quotas.

Customer Service Representative

  • The front line of the company, call center operatives offer solutions to issues regarding payments as well as device functions.
  • Both part-time and full-time positions prove available.
  • Courteous and professional representatives help customers by providing solutions to internet and communications problems.
  • From setting up new accounts to answering questions and actively listening, customer service representatives take advantage of opportunities to deliver great service in friendly manners.
  • Normally, customer service representatives make between $10.00 and $15.00 hourly.

Premises Technician

  • Premises technicians work both inside and outside to install digital TV, high-speed internet, and voice services in homes and businesses.
  • Other responsibilities include educating customers on service features, wire installation and rearranging, and working with hand tools.
  • Premises technicians also ensure devices and services function properly for both businesses and residences.
  • Pay scales start at $10.00. Seniority may increase hourly earnings up to $21.00.


  • AT&T prefers to hire managers from within; however, opportunities exist for outside applicants.
  • Managers of all departments generally oversee daily operations and assign duties for subordinates, including development of policies, procedures, and work systems to enable optimum performance of departments.
  • Supervisors and managerial staff also motivate teams and individuals to exceed sales goals and customer service expectations.
  • Salary options for managers may amount to $44,000 to $76,000 annually.
  • Promotions may lead to annual salary packages in excess of six figures.

Tips For Applying

Applicants should prepare by utilizing the study guides provided on the company website. Each individual position entails expectations, keys to success, and how to handle obstacles. Also, job hunters should remain up-to-date in regards to AT&T product lines. Questions posed to potential employees may relate to selling items to the interviewer or involve presenting unique sales strategies. Resumes boasting extracurricular or philanthropic activities receive added consideration during the application process.

Application Status

Because of the highly competitive industry, AT&T employs individuals with personal interests in both technology and services. Follow-up communications may increase odds of advancement through the hiring process. Subsequent in-store visits or phone calls set caring and driven applicants apart from candidate pools. Also, sending a thank-you email or card to the interviewer demonstrates the value of the opportunity held by a job hopeful.

Benefits of Working for AT&T

In addition to earning sizeable salary options, employees enjoy working in dynamic, educational, and supportive environments. Exponential room for growth and paid training ensure workers remain knowledgeable and efficient. Other work benefits may include paid vacation and significant employee discounts on products and services. 401(k) retirement options as well as health and medical insurance may also provide comfort to employees.

Extra Information on AT&T

Committed to several philanthropic endeavors, the nationwide telecommunications company most notably reduces waste, promotes education, and tackles the issue of texting while driving. With focus on raising high school graduation rates, AT&T committed $350 million to students across the country through education initiatives over recent years. The It Can Wait campaign inspires more than 5 million young adults to take the pledge to never text while driving.

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