Audi Dealership Job Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Process Overview

German automobile company Audi interviews job seekers for sales, technician, and customer service positions at dealership locations. Opportunities arise for candidates to submit hiring materials on the Audi website employment portal, but job hopefuls may request employment at local Audi dealerships, as well. A mandatory step of the Audi hiring process includes online assessments lasting roughly half an hour. Applicants complete assessments before Audi grants in-person interviews. Job candidates may participate in several back-to-back meetings with various Audi managers on the day of the interview.

How Long do Audi Interviews Last?

Hiring sessions typically last from 30 to 60 minutes apiece.

How to Get a Job at Audi

Making a good first impression in the automobile industry rests not only on the presentation of cars for sale but also the employees presenting the cars. Applicants should arrive at Audi interviews looking sharp. Sales and customer service candidates should wear business-formal attire, while technician job hopefuls may dress in more business-casual attire. Commence each meeting with a firm handshake and always take note of the Audi interviewer's name. Maintain comfortable eye contact during the Audi interview process and focus on answering each question politely and directly. Audi job hopefuls should arrive with several questions of their own to ask hiring officials when given the opportunity, which demonstrates preparedness and motivation.

Standard Audi Interview Questions

Audi sales applicants may respond to questions like, "Tell me about a time you were about to lose a sale. What did you say to convince the customer otherwise?" Audi customer service candidates may answer to inquires like, "How would you handle an irate customer?" and "What would you say to a client who wants a part that is not in stock at the moment?" Technicians should conduct some research about the location of potential employment, current models, and common issues faced at Audi dealerships.

Closing Out Each Interview

After each discussion, applicants should thank the Audi hiring personnel by name and express desire to further their careers with the popular automobile manufacturer.


  • Sabina says:

    Don’t just wait for a call back!! Instead, show initiative and call THEM. Be the “squeaky wheel that gets the oil”. Be yourself, be proffessional, and essentially “sell yourself”… meaning prove to them in an honest way, why YOU are the best candidate for a position at Audi. Have an idea of what position you want BEFORE you walk in… Some managers don’t appreciate the “I’m willing to do anything” response when asked what you’re applying for. They ask a lot of questions that ALL matter, even if the questions seem irrelevant. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, make a joke or two if appropriate! 🙂 It is well-worth it!

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