Auntie Anne’s Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Auntie Anne's

With more than 1,500 locations globally, Auntie Anne's consistently seeks to fill multiple customer service positions at each franchised location. With the brand finding popularity across the country, applicants should encounter considerable opportunities for both customer-service and managerial work. The interview process used to screen potential candidates may last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the number of individual vying for available positions. Many entry-level workers report on-the-spot hiring as highly likely, though not a guaranteed possibility.

What to Expect as an Aspiring Crew Member

Crew members tend to face one-to-one interviews with hiring managers after initial phone screenings. Interviewees cite relaxed and informal interviews generally spanning one to two weeks at most. Hiring managers frequently probe for examples of applying relevant job skills in the past as well as examples of excellent customer service techniques. Candidates answer questions about availability, previous work experience, and education while navigating the Auntie Anne's interview process. Applicants most regularly respond to situational questions asking how candidates would react given certain circumstances. For instance: "Can you continue smiling, even when facing adversity?" and "A customer received the incorrect change. How would you fix that?"

What to Expect as an Aspiring Manager

Managerial applicants experience a little more variety in terms of average interview length and overall process duration. Candidates may encounter both face-to-face interviews and panel interviews with multiple hiring personnel. Aspiring managers face interview questions based on leadership qualities and decision-making skills. Queries supervisory roles may encounter include, "How long do you plan on remaining with Auntie Anne's?" and "An employee is caught giving an unauthorized discount to customers. How would you handle that situation?" Applicants for managerial positions may want to emphasize any past experiences to illustrate suitability for the position at hand.

Punctuality, Behavior, and Professionalism

Auntie Anne's applicants should arrive early to each scheduled interview with copies of a current resume. Remain calm, maintain proper eye contact, and remember to shake hands with the interviewer at the beginning and end of each meeting. Talk candidly but avoid rambling off subject, unless hiring personnel intentionally lead conversation astray. Wear sensible, appropriate attire to matching the position desired. Showing genuine interest in the specialty food franchise may carry favor with hiring managers when making final hiring decisions.


  • brii says:

    i work there right now im a crew memeber i was hired about two months ago and im making $8 an hour your hours and pay depend greatly on your sales average and how well you sell getting hired straight for manager is not likely to happen you’d have to go through training like everyone else starting at 7.25

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi everyone.

    I am currently filling out an Application to work there and hopefully have an interview set up. I’m really postive about this and hopefully I get the job. What worries me is making the pretzels, but I’m a fast learner. How is a regular working day here?

  • Anthony says:

    I had a interview there and they hire people that are creative so say that your creative and they’ll ask you “in what way are you creative” if you answer right you might get a chance but don’t be nervous he just want to know about you your activties, college, and your goals in life. Try to make conversation and smile all the time. Hope this helps good luck.

  • Danielle says:

    I have an interview tomorrow. I applied for crew member and was offered to be interviewed for a managerial position. Took less than a week for a response to my application. I’ve never held a managerial position and advised the person I spoke to, but he still wanted to interview me for the position.

  • Mar says:

    Im currently working at auntie annes, its been about 6 months already and i still haven’t gotten a raise. i was told it would be $7.25/hr just for training but the boss is always complaining on how expensive things are and all she has to pay her do i ask her for a raise? i work too many hours..and its always busy in there. sometimes i miss my break for that reason.

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