Automotive Assistant Manager Job Description

Job Duties
An automotive retail assistant manager could be working in a number of different capacities. Of course, you will be managing employees, but your job could be anywhere from a service shop like Valvoline to a retail parts store like Advanced Auto Parts. Occasionally, there may be multiple assistant managers who share shifts and responsibilities, but smaller stores will only have one assistant manager.


An assistant manager typically has many of the same administrative duties as a store manager. These duties include completing, filing, and submitting paperwork to keep up with your company’s headquarters but also when handling customer transactions or writing up reports for future repairs or orders. Moreover, it usually will be your job to handle returns and customer complaints. Since the assistant manager frequently works more closely with other employees and customers, excellent communications skills and a professional manner are a must. An assistant manager may be responsible for the scheduling, interviewing, hiring, and training of employees as well as providing service to customers and assisting entry level associates or technicians during busy periods.

Job Qualifications and Compensation

Similar to other automotive industry positions, applicants for assistant manager openings will have to be 18 or older, and have a high school diploma or some vocational or technical training. Previous retail or automotive experience is a must and managerial experience will be advantageous to any job seekers looking for an assistant manager position. Additionally, many companies prefer to hire their assistant managers from within, so having previously worked at your preferred store will be invaluable in the hiring process. Interpersonal and problem solving skills are also crucial to anyone’s success as an assistant manager. Basic computer skills are also necessary in virtually any automotive and administrative job.

The position of assistant manager is full-time in almost every case. They typically make between $20,000 and $35,000, depending on experience and employer. However, if your job includes maintenance and technical certifications, you will undoubtedly be making more than this. On the whole, an assistant manager at a large chain or dealership will make more than at a small garage or body shop. Furthermore, assistant managers have full-time, salaried positions and, thus, are eligible for extensive benefits packages. Most employers offer at least healthcare coverage, paid vacation, and a 401(k) retirement plan.

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