Automotive Parts Retail Sales Associate Job

Job Duties

Sales associates specializing in automotive parts will have similar duties those of customer service and sales jobs in the retail field. This kind of employee will provide assistance to customers on the sales floor, answer questions, locate automotive products, and may even be responsible for stocking shelves, taking inventory, and handling returns. A sales associate working in auto parts will need to be extremely familiar with automotive products so as to accurately answer questions and satisfy customers’ demands. Some training will be provided and knowledge will come with experience. At some retailers, sales associates may also double as cashiers and may have to operate a computer or cash register.


Job Qualifications and Compensation

Qualifications will vary based on exact position and employer. However, in general, you must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for employment at an auto parts store. A high school diploma may also be required, but not in all cases. The position of sales associate will be entry level. Therefore, work experience in retail or sales will not be explicitly required. However, some history of working with auto parts or interacting with customers would be a definite advantage when applying for this position. Other characteristics that will set you apart from other applicants may include computer skills and a familiarity with auto parts and cars in general.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average non-managerial worker at an auto parts store makes about $14 per hour. An automotive parts sales associate may start higher or lower than this industry average, depending on experience. Also, most sales associates dealing in automotive parts will receive a merchandise discount. Other benefit like healthcare and paid time off may be available, but will vary by employer and number of hours worker.

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