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Job Duties
Like any facet of the retail industry, store managers at automotive parts store are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the store. From customer relations to employee management, the store manager is in charge of all of the goings-on at a given auto parts store. Managers may schedule employees, interview and make new hires, train workers, take inventory, open and close the store, communicate with corporate, and deal with irate customers. Managing sales is another important function of a store manager. This employee may have to account for sales quotas and track store performance with a focus on maximizing profits and minimizing losses.


The exact duties of a store manager will depend on the size, location, and specialization of the auto parts store. In general, a manager, like any employee at an auto parts store, will have to be familiar with the products sold. A store manager must know their merchandise, whether it be specifically tires or performance parts in a specialty shop or a variety of the parts found at a general auto parts store. Store manager positions are also available at oil change and repair shops. Duties, qualifications, and compensation will be nearly identical to those described here with an emphasis on repair work.

Job Qualifications and Compensation
Especially in automotive parts retail, an employee may advance to the position of store manager after starting out elsewhere with the retailer. As such, experience and knowledge of the industry are the two most important qualifications. Certain companies only require applicants to be at least 18 years of age while others may require anything from years of experience in the industry to a four year degree. Regardless, you will need at least some experience in retail sales or management, a familiarity with auto parts, and a willingness to learn. Training programs are available at many retailers for potential managers.

Companies often look for specific character traits when promoting or recruiting a store manager. For example, most retailers want a candidate who is highly responsible, capable of handling financial issues and concerns, with leadership qualities, and who can deliver great customer service. Further valuable traits are a friendly personality, a professional manner and appearance, and a record of outstanding job performance.

Most automotive parts retail store managers are salaried employees of a retail store. Benefits will vary depending on the employer, but perks typically includes a 401(k) retirement plan, healthcare coverage, an associate discount, and paid vacation. Average salary depends on the retailer and experience, but the range is typically between $30,000 and $60,000 a year. Managers in training and managers at smaller shops will typically make less than store managers at larger stores.

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