Avenue Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Avenue

Avenue operates a prominent chain of retail stores specializing in plus-sized clothing. Like many retail chains with numerous store locations, Avenue regularly conducts job interviews for entry-level and managerial positions across the country.

Usual Interview Formats

The Avenue hiring process includes one-to-one interviews with a store manager or supervisor, in most cases. Candidates for managerial positions often need to undergo multiple job interviews consisting of meetings with district and area managers. The average applicant spends around 30 minutes or less per interview and a week or two overall in the interview process. Applicants may gain hiring consideration through submission of necessary materials online or in-person at a desired location.

What Qualities Do I Need to Work for Avenue?

Workers who display fashionable and professional personalities often gain employment with the prominent retailer. Avenue sales associates must frequently suggest clothing to customers and handle difficult situations, like disgruntled coworkers or out-of-stock items during busy rushes. Applicants must present the resolve and determination necessary to work positions involving both sales and customer service responsibilities for employment consideration.

Examples of Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Avenue interview questions typically serve as the main method hiring personnel use to screen for desirable qualities, with common inquiries like, "What fashions would you recommend for someone in a Size 0/16?" or "If an item is out of stock, but you know another Avenue store has the merchandise, what do you do?"

Closing Out the Process and Last Points to Consider

Going above and beyond requirements often sets candidates apart in the Avenue hiring process. Applicants must also exude sensitivity to customer needs and behave in respectable and appropriate manners at all times. The hiring process typically concludes after one or two brief job interviews and final determination made by a store manager or presiding staff member. The major American retailer regularly renders hiring decisions at the conclusion of the closing interview. Some applicants may receive job offers at a later date by phone or email, though contact by telephone proves most common.


  • Melissa says:

    When you are on an interview for Avenue try to smile as much as possible

  • Rose says:

    Be able to sell the outfit you are wearing. Talk up your ability to sell, the credit card is HUGE, and mention the importance of inventory control (preventing people from stealing by using good customer service)

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