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Baltimore Gas & Electric maintains a service area reaching millions of customers annually. Opportunities for employment stand in wide abundance with the utility services firm, which offers natural gas and traditional electricity energy services in the central portions of Maryland.

Facts About Working at Baltimore Gas And Electric

Minimum Age to Work at Baltimore Gas And Electric: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Baltimore Gas And Electric?)

Baltimore Gas And Electric Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Baltimore Gas And Electric: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Lineman, Information Security Operations Manager, Operations Analyst, Renewable Energy Associate, Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Risk Manager, Demand Response Manager, Risk Analytics Associate, Marketing and Communications Manager, Business Development Manager, Appliance Service Technician, Engineering Analyst, Buyer, Customer Reliability Support Engineer, Program Development Specialist, Information Security Analyst, Resource Analyst, Receivables Management Analyst, Consult Architect, Financial Analyst

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Baltimore Gas & Electric Job Opportunities

As part of one of the most lucrative industries in the world, Baltimore Gas & Electric provides power to the greater Baltimore metropolitan area and surrounding communities. The area claims more than 2 million residents, who require efficient and expedient troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation. Applicants looking for work with the prominent utility company may take advantage of nearly 3,500 job prospects, including part-time and full-time positions. In addition to traditional employment opportunities, the regional firm hires workers to fill internships and co-op programs.

Due to the hazardous nature of most jobs available with the power company, Baltimore Gas & Electric imposes a minimum hiring age of 18. Areas requiring technical or vocational skills, such as engineering careers and installation technician positions, often require advanced schooling and trade certifications. Utility industry jobs available also require completion of pre-employment assessments, which prompt responses to field-oriented questions regarding essential daily tasks. Call center workers may answer questions touching on subject areas of dealing with upset customers, while technicians and engineers may answer detailed inquiries about distributing resources and performing repairs to industry-related equipment.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Positions and Pay Scales

The energy company places heavy emphasis on excellence in customer service. Applicants must possess persistent and reliable work ethics. Available jobs offer paid and ongoing training, access to employment benefits packages, and lucrative salary options. Employment hunters regularly find work in the following positions:

Meter Reader

  • Specific responsibilities include reporting equipment defects and overages, recording data from meters, and notifying customers of future readings.
  • The job title requires walking on foot for extended periods of times, which may equate to several miles daily.
  • A traditionally full-time, entry-level position, meter reader requires employees must work in all-weather conditions.
  • Drug screenings, background checks, high school diplomas or equivalents, and strong written and verbal communication skills prove necessary for employment, as well.
  • Some previous experience in similar, service-oriented jobs may profit potential employees during the hiring process.
  • Base salary options start around $18.00 per hour or $37,000 a year.

Customer Consultant

  • Baltimore Gas & Electric customer consultants work in large call centers and answer questions about energy services provided via telephone and email.
  • Applicants must deal well in interpersonal situations.
  • The ability to multitask and remain patient prove exceptionally desirable to hiring staff, as customer consultants must work quickly to provide services and offer solutions to troubleshooting issues.
  • Workers often sit for extended hours and hold night, weekend, and holiday shifts.
  • Open availability remains highly advantageous to candidates as well as backgrounds in customer service.
  • On average, the position yields $17.00 to $18.00 per hour, or roughly $37,000 annual salary.

Tips For Applying

With operations centering on value and expediency, Baltimore Gas & Electric prefers to hire individuals able to maintain reliable work ethics and exude exceptional integrity at all times. Aside from the proper certifications and meeting basic hiring requirements, applicant should demonstrate kind, trustworthy, and courteous attitudes for positions in customer service. Job seekers in technical fields like engineering or installation should highlight adept knowledge of potential responsibilities. Diligence and field-related shrewdness often carry applicants into latter rounds of the hiring process. A pre-employment exam often exposes undesirable candidates.

Application Status

Job hopefuls typically receive electronic confirmation immediately after submitting hiring forms to Baltimore Gas & Electric through a careers page managed by parent company Exelon. Some applicants cite waiting as little as a few days to complete the hiring process, while other prospective workers state wait times lasting up to a month or so. Candidates generally receive invitations to interview through email or by telephone. If anxious about application status, applicants may choose to contact recruitment officials directly. Callbacks or follow-up emails may further demonstrate interest in an available position and improve odds of gaining employment or continued consideration.

Benefits of Working at Baltimore Gas & Electric

Part of a nationwide energy corporation, the regional, Maryland-based utilities company offers employees excellent job placement opportunities, competitive base pay and salary options, paid training, diverse workplaces, and attractive employment benefits packages. Workers qualify for some job benefits with tenure, while others become available at time of hire. Baltimore Gas & Electric work benefits include:

  • Disability and life insurance coverage options
  • Medical and vision plans
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off, and
  • Annual bonus incentives.

Application Status

The prominent metropolitan gas and electric utilities firm offers customers ways to receive even more in-depth and personalized services through a company-sponsored website. A comprehensive online tool, the website features bill pay resources, local weather forecasts, projected outages, planned outages, and forms allowing customers to report power outages caused by calamities. Toll-free, 24-hour emergency lines also remain available to customers in need of immediate assistance in the face of storms or accidents disrupting the distribution of utilities.

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