Banana Republic Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

Banana Republic operates as a popular name in the fashion retail industry, with a network of nearly 650 stores. As one of the premier clothing lines in the United States and several other countries internationally, the fashion chain needs to hire new and motivated individuals on a consistent basis. Jobs stand readily available in both entry-level and professional capacities accessible through an overarching and simple hiring process.

Where to Access Banana Republic Jobs

Job hopefuls begin the Banana Republic hiring process either online or in-person by submitting the required forms for employment. Hiring managers contact eligible workers to schedule job interviews following review of applicant information.

Interview Formats

Formats used during the Banana Republic interview process include one-on-one and group methods. Group interviews often feature up to 10 other candidates with either a lone hiring representative or a small panel consisting of two or three managers, at most. The group interview often serves as the only interview necessary for entry-level employment consideration. Some entry-level applicants participate solely in one-to-one interviews to gain hire.

Standard Interview Questions

Banana Republic job interviews for entry-level positions typically feature very standard questions for the retail industry. Hiring managers may ask about familiarity with the Banana Republic brand or parent company Gap Inc. and Gap Inc. subsidiaries. Interests in fashion stand out as common talking points during the Banana Republic interview process. Banana Republic interview questions also span the subjects of customer service, sales, availability, and career aspirations. Questions like, "Do you know how to handle upset or angry customers?", "What does the term 'Brand Ambassador' mean to you?", "Can you name strengths and weaknesses you have?", and "Have you ever worked in a team-oriented environment?" represent fairly frequent inquiries Banana Republic applicants respond to during the hiring process.

Is the Process Different for Managers?

For managerial job opportunities, applicants go through phone screenings and multiple rounds of face-to-face interviews. Banana Republic general managers and district managers generally preside over managerial hiring sessions. During each interview, managerial candidates respond to prompts like, "Have you ever managed a team of workers before?" or "How would you ensure your location met quarterly sales goals?", as well as standard Banana Republic interview questions often posed during entry-level hiring sessions.

Preparing for Banana Republic Interviews

Both prospective managers and entry-level job seekers spend about 20-30 minutes during each Banana Republic interview. Applicants with more open availability may receive interview consideration before other workers and enjoy higher chances of gaining employment.

Focus on Fashion

Fashion sense and personality rank among some of the most desirable traits Banana Republic hiring managers look for during the interview process. Play up abilities in customer service, especially in terms of recommending outfits and catering to customer requests. Applicants should arrive at job interviews clean, well-kempt, and well-dressed. The hiring process primarily rewards individuals able to combine customer service and sales skills with fashionable and attentive personalities.

Banana Republic Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Banana Republic Employee: So, I was a sales associate, and your duties were to just sell, walk around the store. You’re usually assigned to a certain room, maybe six to seven rooms for a Banana Republic. You go up to customers, you have to introduce yourself – that’s a big point. You are supposed to push products that you’re told to push, if certain things are in style at that time or season. Besides that, just a lot of store cleanup, putting things back, go-backs, and things like that. So, it was a pretty typical retail-oriented job. If they had enough trust in you, you’d handle the cashier, as well. For the most part, that was all it was.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Banana Republic Employee: It was very professional. What you had to wear… you always had to dress in slacks, no jeans, dress shoes, and just sort of Banana Republic-style looking things, since you’re catering to a more mature audience, in their 30’s and up. It was very professional; you had to keep that sort of professional attitude. It wasn’t like other retail jobs. That was one interesting thing for me, just being a younger person. It was a good working experience, and the managers, since they were catering to that crowd, they had to keep you in check. So, it was very detail-oriented. You had to be on-point at all times.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Banana Republic Employee: You just grab an application from them. It was a pretty simple, typical application. When you did give that in, usually they gave you an interview date pretty soon afterwards, where you would just meet for a few minutes with the manager. He’d sit you down, sort of in the back, and just ask you a few questions to get to know you. They would invite you to an interview a week or two later. It was a group interview where you sat with other people. They kind of talked to you more in person, just try to gauge your ability to work as a team, because I think they really want to stress that. Besides that, I think it was really simple process. I would say that one thing I am grateful for is that I didn’t really have any experience when I started. I was like 18, so I didn’t know anything about retail – I didn’t have any experience. But, they were nice enough to take you based on your personality and whether or not you were willing to work hard for them.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Banana Republic Employee: I’d say you just have to just stress their qualities. You have to come across as kind of enjoyable to talk to and be next to, because that’s their biggest selling point to customers, that their sales associates are someone you would want to talk to and get help from them. So, you should stress your interpersonal skills, and how you can talk to other people, be lively and smile, and make them feel like your important. I feel like that was the big thing – just be a normal person. That’s what they want, but a normal person that you would want selling you clothes. You want somebody lively and entertaining, but smart and professional at the same time.


  • Musa says:

    What if one doesn’t have experience but wishes to try to get a banana republic job? What should I say in the interview so I look fit to perform the job.

  • Casey says:

    What should I wear to a Banana Republic interview?

  • Michael says:

    As with any company in retail, companies and hiring managers are seeking branding, So ask yourself do I fit in to this compay’s brand? (would you look out of place wearing or promoting what the company sells? This also should answer your question what to wear. Prior to your interview go shop the company and just dress as the employees dress, If its in your budget I would suggest buying an outfit from the company you plan to interview with. As far as what questions to be prepared for behavior type interview questions and experience questions of situations you have dealt with in the past. If you have no experience, determine how you would handle situations example “Describe a time you dealt with conflict with a co-worker” Possibly you could relate this to a time you had conflict or an upset with a friend. Did you talk it out? What was the outcome? This is what hiring managers want to hear. I hope this helps! Best of luck to all the job seekers out there!

  • Carlos says:

    What should I wear to and interwiew?

  • jessica says:

    i heard that banana republic sometimes ask you to do a role play on how to sell a product to a customer , but since i have no experience or an idea how to, could you give me a sample for me to practice please?

  • Jessica M. says:

    When I was interviewed for Banana Republic it was with another person as well. We went through a questionnaire which took about a half hour. As long as you keep it fun and friendly, it really isn’t that hard! It’s kind of like talking with friends. As far as attire goes, keep it work casual, but interview friendly. The beauty of this brand is the fact that they have geared their clothing to be able to wear going out, as well as at the office. Talking to people is a big part of this job. You will have an on-the-floor exercise so the manager can see how you interact in different scenarios. Basically, be their shopping buddy! You help people pick out outfits and find what they need. It is a very relaxed environment and very fun!

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