Bank of New York Mellon Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bank of New York Mellon

Bank of New York Mellon encourages job seekers to apply online to start the hiring process. Applicants typically hear back from a manager within a couple of weeks once the financial services company receives the required materials.

Interview Formats

Positions heavily involved in customer service typically take applicants through straightforward interviews featuring 1:1 formats. At most, customer service employment hopefuls participate in one or two interviews. Applicants seeking careers in management or other high-ranking fields often encounter multiple job interviews during the Bank of New York Mellon hiring process. The average Bank of New York Mellon job interview plays out in very informal fashion. Workers sit with a hiring manager, typically a human resources representative or potential supervisor, and answer questions about personal and professional motives, interests, and goals.

Examples of Common Interview Questions

Interview administrators act in very candid, impersonal manners and lead applicants through very basic interview questions, such as: "Why do you want to work for a financial firm like Bank of New York Mellon?", "Can you tell me about your personal interests and how they relate to your interest in the company?", and "What do you usually do in your down time at work?"

Applicant Expectations

Applicants who match the candid nature of the interviewers and supply honest and upbeat responses generally fair well during Bank of New York Mellon job interviews. Like other banking firms, the major financial company expects applicants to wear business-formal dress and to interact with hiring personnel in professional and appropriate manners at all times. Highly technical IT positions often require applicants to perform various functions related to the desired job as demonstration of abilities. Customer service positions typically limit hiring requirements to basic, impersonal interviews.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The entire process takes anywhere from a week to a couple months, with the average customer service or sales representative going through three to four weeks of onboarding and orientation.

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