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The foodservice industry offers entry-level workers and career-oriented professionals a wide range of employment opportunities. Applicants 16 and over may apply online for foodservice jobs in sports bars and pubs nationwide. Like most restaurant locations, bars provide potential employees part-time and full-time work options. Bar jobs feature flexible scheduling, fun work environments, and several employee benefits.

Bar Jobs: With projected growth rates roughly 12-percent over the next 10 years, bar and pub jobs prove ideal for candidates at least 18 years old seeking entry-level work paying above minimum wage. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than half-a-million bartending positions across the nation as of May 2013. Although many bartending educational programs exist for job hopefuls, most positions only require the fulfillment of short-term on-the-job training. Other positions as bar-backs and managers also exist and access to such roles may rely on previous backgrounds and experience.

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Employee Expectations: Bar jobs require quick service with little error and lengthy mixology knowledge. Positions also require compliances with state and local laws to ensure the avoidance of serving minors and overly intoxicated customers. Due to accountability, workers often enjoy pay above minimum wage through hourly compensation and the acceptance of tips. On average, bartenders receive more than $9.00 an hour through the combination of income avenues. Tip-based pay provides workers with incentives to provide outstanding communication, customer-service, and interpersonal skills. Position holders must also demonstrate physical capabilities of standing for extended periods of time and lifting and carrying heavy cases of liquor, beer, and other supplies.

Bar Hiring Requirements: Most bartenders stand 25 and older even though most states only require position holders prove a minimum age of 18. Forty-three percent of alcohol service positions exist within restaurants and may require direct interactions with customers or completions of orders through the assistance of waiters and waitresses. Stand-alone bars make up twenty-nine percent of industry employers while other opportunities may exists through social organizations, travel accommodations, and amusement and recreation industries.

Additional Tips and Resources: Successful applicants often provide flexible schedules as most industry business occurs during late evenings, weekends, and holidays. Availability may receive questioning during one-on-one interviews as applicants often must sit through at least one meeting with hiring personnel in order to receive job offers. Application forms for alcohol service positions within restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and other establishments may stand available for completion online. Others may require in-person visits to desired locations of hire to inquire about job openings and the hiring process.

Bar Job Descriptions

Bartender – One of the more sought-after positions in the bar industry remains the bartender. With varying degrees of responsibilities and skill levels, bartenders remain the lifeblood of the industry. Typically needing to stand at least 18 years of age in order to serve alcoholic beverages, bartenders must also meet a variety of other standards, as well. Bartenders must possess excellent communication skills, high levels of patience, and a demonstrative personality. In general, previous experience may prove beneficial, as does any additional trainings relevant to the position, though not entirely necessary as most establishments typically train new staff accordingly. Bar tenders work varying shifts, including nights, weekends, and some public holidays, and may work in part-time and seasonal capacities. Depending on where employees work, the capacity to earn tips on top of starting wage persists, as most workers relate to earning between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour when including gratuity.

Server – Another position in most pubs, clubs, and restaurants with bars attached remains a server. When bars sell food or utilize table service, servers take orders, run food, and provide refills to customers. Additional duties tend to include greeting customers, advising on menu choices, take payment, and answer any questions relevant to the dining experience. Most servers work according to need, fill both full-time and part-time work weeks, and may work varied shifts. In a bar setting, servers may need to stand at least 18 years of age in order to serve alcoholic beverages to customers. Employees in server roles may also need to work weekends and holidays, as well. Servers tend to make server wage or standard minimum wage to start and may also earn tips on top of hourly rates.

Bar Manager – In charge of recruiting, training, and motivating staff, the bar manager must operate a financially successful establishment while maintaining company goals and expectations. Bar managers usually act as lower-level managers, answering to both area and regional managers in terms of financial decisions, ordering, and marketing. Managers must ensure all liquor remains rotated and in proper condition, enforce all health and safety codes to subordinate employees, and manage staffing and scheduling issues. Crew members in a supervisory role must also interact with customers, make decisions about service, and respond to customer complaints, as necessary. Bar managers may work up to a 45-hour week, with irregular hours and weekends proving necessary, though make wages commensurate with the amount of work put in. A bar manager may earn up to $45,000 a year in salary, depending on location, company, and tenure.