Barona Resort and Casino Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Barona Resort & Casino

With a hotel, spa, golf course, and multiple restaurants located onsite, Barona Resort & Casino provides job seekers with a varied assortment of opportunities to find employment in the hospitality industry. Potential employees obtain jobs with the Native American gaming establishment after applying for available positions at the company employment website and successfully completing the interview process. Selected applicants typically go through two or three face-to-face interviews onsite at the California-based resort, often after being pre-screened by phone initially. Job interviews held onsite usually include an individual hiring manager or a panel of two or three interviewers.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Interviewees seeking Barona Resort & Casino jobs must generally tackle questions about the desired position and previous related experience. Hiring managers often ask, "How do you see yourself fitting in with Barona?" to reveal motives behind pursuing a particular position and possible long-term career goals. Interviewers also like to learn about the expectations of job seekers by asking questions like, "What should your employer expect from you, and what do you expect of your employer?" Other possible interview questions may require candidates to discuss specific examples of challenges or successes from past jobs. Applicants may also have to react to scenarios involving situations likely to occur while working at a casino resort.

Act and Dress Professionally

Job seekers should look professional, polished, and capable of meeting the high standards of service expected by resort guests. Provide answers with brevity, enthusiasm, and honesty. Use direct eye contact regularly to indicate confidence and establish positive connections with interviewers. Successful candidates often receive job offers immediately upon completion of the interview process. Applicants leaving the final job interview without an offer of employment should find out when to expect an official hiring decision.

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