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Grocery stores with local ties like Bashas' look for part-time and full-time help on a consistent basis. Applicants in search of grocery store industry jobs should consider working for the grocery store. The regional retail chain maintains operations solely within the State of Arizona, except for two stores located in California and New Mexico, respectively. Despite limited national reach, the regional chain still provides thousands of job opportunities throughout the American Southwest.

Facts About Working at Bashas'

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bashas'?)

Available Positions: Courtesy Clerk, Produce Clerk, Meat Helper, Meat Cutter, Cashier, Deli Clerk, Bakery Clerk

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bashas’ Employment Prospects

One of the best ways to begin a career with Bashas’ includes starting out as an entry-level employee. Entry-level jobs available require no work experience and pay competitive wages for the supermarket industry. Entry-level associates also enjoy flexible scheduling. The grocery store chain attempts to foster worker abilities through training programs and designed career paths. Work available includes both part-time and full-time positions, though most entry-level jobs carry part-time job status.

Applicants with experience or looking for higher pay scales should contact Bashas’ regarding opportunities in management. The supermarket chain offers several managerial opportunities featuring excellent base pay and rising salary options for experienced workers. Managers also enjoy unique access to corporate fast-track programs and other ideal work benefits. Log in online to review job listings or to begin the hiring process.

Bashas’ Jobs and Pay Scales

As a company located in the Southwest, Bashas’ caters to both Spanish- and English-speaking applicants. Job seekers from both backgrounds and/or possessing both skills may find viable job opportunities at with the Arizona-based grocery stores. The minimum age to request employment stands at 18-years old. Specific jobs for hire include:

Department Clerk

  • Entry-level clerk positions represent prime opportunities to gain industry experience, offer part-time and full-time hours, flexible scheduling, and regular interaction with customers.
  • Basic job duties vary greatly depending on the specific department. Overall, clerks provide customer service and serve as basic sales associates.
  • Bashas’ workers assuming clerk roles in the bakery, for example, prepare baked goods, clean work stations, and assist customers.
  • Meat and deli clerks also assist customers and spend a majority of time cutting and cleaning meats.
  • Pay scales typically vary along with job duties.
  • Courtesy clerks generally start out at minimum wage, while bakery clerks and deli clerks may start out at $10.00 an hour.
  • Hourly pay also varies based on experience and time spent with the grocery store.


  • A position with multiple roles within each store, Bashas’ cashier jobs include both operating cash register in checkout aisles and assisting customers with questions about products and services.
  • Cashiers spend most of a given day on foot working the checkout aisles.
  • During slower periods, cashiers may need to double as sales associates or stock associates.
  • The Southwest chain favors cashier job hopefuls who exude team-oriented attitudes.
  • The supermarket chain offers minimum wage starting pay for cashier associates, in most cases.


  • Opportunities for employment in management exist in each department of Bashas’ grocery stores.
  • Job seekers may find work as bakery managers, deli managers, produce managers, or other supervisory positions, which involve creating schedules, training new-hires, assigning daily tasks, and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Career-minded applicants may also take advantage of assistant manager and store director jobs.
  • Both heavily involve administrative responsibilities, such as processing payroll, maintaining inventories, analyzing and establishing sales goals, marketing, and communicating with company corporate offices.
  • Each tier of management builds upon the former to work as a cohesive unit.
  • While managerial candidates must possess strong leadership and organizational skills, personality and ability to work well with existing management also serve as hiring points.
  • Desires to learn and grow with the company play a big part in gaining hiring consideration as a manager.
  • The ability to speak both Spanish and English serves as a highly favorable trait of would-be managers as well, due to the demographics of the surrounding regions of business.
  • Annual salary between $45,000 and $50,000 represents the typical pay for Bashas’ assistant managers.
  • Store directors may make close to $70,000 a year with experience.

Tips For Applying

An easy-to-navigate electronic platform allows applicants to search for Bashas’ jobs from the company careers page. After conducting searches, workers may place multiple applications utilizing the online submissions manager. Read through the descriptions of each position carefully to fully understand expectations upon hire. Most locations require entry-level associates to assume variable schedules at start and float between departments as general employees.

Application Status

The timetables associated with hearing back from hiring managers range between a couple of days and a week or two. In some cases, applicants may wait up to a month. General wait times mostly depend on the volume of candidates vying for similar positions and the availability of jobs. Individuals may contact recruitment personnel prior to hearing back on employment forms by telephone, email, or personal visit, if desired. Reaching out may increase the likelihood of having an application pulled, which regularly leads to interviews.

Benefits of Working at Bashas’

Paid training, competitive wages, and flexible hours fall among the many work benefits Bashas’ provides employees. Individuals working full-time may also qualify for job benefits packages, which include:

  • Medical insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Paid time off

Workers may also qualify for monthly housing arrangements. Complete an application form for more information on employment benefits and secure a job with a leading, regional supermarket chain today.

More Information on Bashas’

The Southwestern U.S. supermarket takes an active role in surrounding communities. The regional grocery store chain regularly sponsors events and initiatives to support local, surrounding areas. Every month, the company sponsors a given charity, which customers may make contributions to, small or large. The grocery store also allows local and even national charities to solicit onsite at participating locations. The largest acts of philanthropy demonstrated by Bashas’ include the annual two food drives. One held in the summer and the other during the holidays during the winter months, the supermarket collects canned goods and other non-perishable food items and donates the goods to local food banks. To further show support for local communities, the Bashas’ Community Support Card available at customer service stations in-store creates ways for local businesses and organizations to make a small profit and receive discounts on grocery items.


  • Heather says:

    Although, it’s been a few years since my employment with Bashas’. I really enjoyed the laid back, comfortable environment. Along with great and fulfilled coworkers and customers that made the day go by, just a little faster!

  • Donna Dawahoya says:

    My job duties were cashier , help customers , put items back on shelf when needed , cleaned area , and bagged groceries for customers.

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