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Baskin-Robbins pdf application

Baskin Robbins Job Application PDF

Benefits of Printing out the Baskin Robbins Application PDF

While many job seekers prefer to submit a Baskin Robbins application online, completing a Baskin Robbins job application printout offers many benefits. Candidates who print out the Baskin Robbins application PDF can take their time and fill out the document at their own pace. Hopefuls can also proof-read and revise their applications as needed before submitting them.

After completing a Baskin Robbins printout application, potential hires can give the form directly to a hiring manager at the location where they wish to work. Turning in a hard copy of your application can keep your job form from getting lost in the shuffle. It also allows you to meet the manager, ask questions and make a good impression before starting the hiring process.

Where Can I Get A Baskin Robbins Job Application?

Those looking to work at Baskin Robbins can complete and submit a job form through the company website. Or, they could stop into their local restaurant and ask for an application. Job seekers could also find the PDF version of the Baskin Robbins online application and print out the form so they can fill it out and take it to the restaurant in person.

How Do You Fill Out A Baskin Robbins Application?

To complete a Baskin Robbins job application PDF printout, start by gathering the documents and information you need to fill in each section. Most applications require you to provide your contact information, work history, and education level. You may also need to have a list of professional references on hand to add to your job form.

Professionalism is key when filling out a job application. Be sure to use a blue or black ink pen to complete each section and write as legibly as possible. For more tips on how to fill out a Baskin Robbins application, check out the following pointers and use them as you work your way through each portion of the document.

Personal Information

After filling in the date and preferred location, hopefuls must add their contact information and work eligibility to the Baskin Robbins application. This section includes spaces for your name, address, and phone number. Be sure to provide the number you use most often so the hiring manager can reach you to schedule an interview.

Candidates must also check Yes or No boxes to confirm whether they can legally work in the United States. Additionally, job seekers must inform employers if they have any felony convictions and explain the nature of their felony if applicable. Many companies perform background checks on potential hires, so always be honest when answering these legal questions.

Desired Employment

Next is the Desired Employment section, which has nine blank spaces. On this portion of the form, prospects name the position they want, their earliest available start date, and their salary expectations. There is also a question about whether prospects have worked at Baskin Robbins before. Returning applicants should check Yes, fill in the dates, and explain their reasons for leaving.

Online Baskin Robbins applications also ask candidates if they already hold jobs and whether hiring managers can contact their current employer for references. If you currently have a job, check the Yes box to answer this question and mark whether or not Baskin Robbins can call your boss. Be sure to let your current employer know that they may receive a call or email from Baskin Robbins.

To complete this section, applicants need to provide their preferred shifts and availability for each day of the week. Fill in the earliest and latest hours you can work every day and mark the days you want off as Unavailable. Printable Baskin Robbins applications also ask potential if there are any aspects of the job you are unwilling to perform. Offer specific details if this applies.


Baskin Robbins online application has a small Education section where candidates can provide information about the high school, college, and trade or vocational schools they attended. For each institution, applicants must fill in the school names and addresses, dates attended, and indicate whether or not they graduated.


A Baskin Robbins job application printout has a portion dedicated to employee references. List the names of three people who can attest to your professional skills and character traits. Be sure to mention previous employers, instructors, and coworkers instead of close friends or family members. Describe your professional relationship with each person as well as their contact information.

Employment History

Baskin Robbins’ online application also asks questions about your work history. While completing this section, start by listing your most recent job and work your way backward. You should have room to provide information for three to four previous employers. If you are new to the workforce, make a No Previous Employers note somewhere in this section.

When discussing your employment history, include details about each workplace name and address, the position you held, your start and end dates, and your reasons for leaving the company. You also need to fill in the wages you earned, your supervisor names, and brief descriptions of the tasks you performed each day.

Many job forms ask for the hourly wage you earned at previous jobs. However, the Baskin Robbins application asks for weekly pay rates. You can find this amount on previous paystubs or calculate the figure by multiplying your wage by the hours you worked each week. Baskin Robbins also asks permission to contact former supervisors, so include supervisor phone numbers or email addresses.

Agreeing to Company Protocols

Finally, the Baskin Robbins online application ends with a statement about food-borne illnesses and the need for employees to adhere to health and safety standards. Yes and No boxes prompt job seekers to list any special circumstances such as allergies or illnesses that may prevent them from meeting these expectations. Applicants answering Yes must explain why in the space provided.

At the bottom of the form, applicants can find a general statement about the legality of the hiring documents. This section informs job seekers that providing false information on the application is grounds for dismissal. Hopefuls must read through the information and sign and date the form on the appropriate lines to certify that their application responses are honest and accurate.