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Initially established as a local supplier of fishing tackle sold out of a liquor store, Bass Pro Sports soon evolved into a national chain of sporting goods stores offering full selections of outdoor gear and equipment. The nationwide retailer maintains over 60 locations and plans for continued growth.

Facts About Working at Bass Pro Shops

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bass Pro Shops?)

Available Positions: Administrative Clerk, Cashier, Sales Associate, Team Leader, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Apparel Department, Operations Support Associate, Customer Service Associate, Credit Card Sales Representative, Service Manager, Gift Department Sales Associate, Merchandise Specialist, Archery Associate, Hunting Department Sales Associate, Marine Department Sales Associate, Boat Sales Consultant, Service Technician, Rigger, Group Sales Manager, Merchandise Manager, Receiving Manager, Maintenance Manager, Human Resources Manager, Maintenance Associate, P.A.C.E. Associate, Fly Fishing Sales Associate, Gunsmith, Footwear Department Sales Associate, Warranty Clerk, Hunting Department Firearms Specialist, Camping Department Sales Associate, ATV Technician, Detailer, Special Events Associate, Camouflage Sales Associate, Stocking Associate, Snack Shop Associate, Warehouse Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bass Pro Shops Job Opportunities

Typically substantial in size, each Bass Pro Sports store needs to employ a large team of entry-level associates in order to handle the daily work demands inevitably created by such an extensive retail setting. The sporting goods chain employs cashiers to process the merchandise customers intend to purchase and recruits stock associates to perform the tasks involved in the receipt of inventory shipments. With separate departments for boating, camping, fishing, hunting, and outdoor cooking, each location must also hire sales associates responsible for selling a particular category of products and maintaining the corresponding section of the store.

The availability of Bass Pro Sports jobs depends on factors like the rate at which the retail chain opens new stores and the level of employee turnover at more established locations. As a company committed to growing and evolving, the sporting goods retailer opens new locations frequently and enables job seekers to search and apply online for employment at future stores. Prospective employees may also use the online application process to apply for jobs available at existing locations. By operating or planning to open stores in over 30 states, the nationwide retail chain offers frequent opportunities for employment to job seekers across the country.

Bass Pro Shops Positions and Salary Information

In addition to the entry-level opportunities previously described, Bass Pro Sports often needs to fill management positions featuring various job titles, full-time hours, generous salary options, and other employment benefits. A minimum hiring age of 18 remains in effect for all available jobs. While career opportunities in management require an extensive history of related employment spanning up to 10 years, the entry-level jobs listed below generally prove suitable for candidates with any amount of work experience:


  • Using an automated point-of-sale system to operate cash registers and process customer purchases represents the primary function of cashier jobs.
  • The position also involves customer service duties, such as greeting shoppers, maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor, and sharing knowledge of products, advertised sales, and store policies when called upon.
  • Cashiers keep the immediate vicinity of the checkout area clean, organized, and fully stocked, as well.
  • The average rate of pay for Bass Pro Shops cashiers hovers between $8.00 and $9.00 an hour, with new employees often starting out around minimum wage and enjoying increased earning potential with experience gained.

Sales Associate

  • In contrast to cashiers, who typically remain stationed behind checkout counters, sales associates work in the various departments of the store.
  • Most sales associates accept work assignments in a particular department, such as apparel, camping gear, footwear, or fishing equipment.
  • The entry-level job demands a high level of trainability, as new sales associates must quickly gain specific product knowledge in order to assist shoppers most effectively.
  • Prior interest in or knowledge of camping, fishing, hunting, or similar outdoor recreational activities also helps candidates land sales jobs with Bass Pro Shops.
  • Job duties include demonstrating products for customers, executing pricing strategies by affixing tags to merchandise and displaying signage, and ensuring the cleanliness and replenishment of the sales floor.
  • Entry-level sales associate positions typically pay between $9.00 and $10.00 an hour.

Stock Clerk

  • Also known as receivers, stock clerks serve as the initial recipients of merchandise shipments ordered by the store.
  • Daily responsibilities include unloading new merchandise from delivery trucks, organizing inventory in the stockroom, and preparing items for display on the sales floor.
  • Stock clerks also process returns and help sales associates replenish the store.
  • Applicants must prove strong enough to perform the frequent, heavy lifting associated with stock clerk jobs.
  • Bass Pro Shops stock clerks enjoy an average hourly wage of $11.00.

Tips For Applying

Entry-level candidates may apply for Bass Pro Shops jobs online at the Career Centers of the company website. Accessible by clicking the option labeled Apply for this Job at the bottom of each listing, the application form includes sections for general information, education, and previous employment, skills, and areas of interest. The general information section contains space for applicants to list hours of availability, which job seekers should leave as open as possible to demonstrate ability to work flexible schedules and, as a result, secure greater hiring consideration. Candidates may also create increased chances for employment by carefully and honestly selecting areas of interest relevant to outdoor recreation and sporting goods.

Application Status

Bass Pro Shops explicitly tells job seekers to contact the appropriate store location regarding the status of a previously submitted application. Properly following up with the potential employer involves calling or visiting the store, asking to speak with the manager responsible for hiring, determining the current availability of the position, and briefly making a case for the job. In addition to inquiring about application status, candidates opting to follow up may want to demonstrate continued interest in the job by giving personal reasons for applying to work for the sporting goods retailer.

Benefits of Working at Bass Pro Shops

While all Bass Pro Shops associates enjoy competitive pay, discounts on merchandise, and opportunities for career advancement, eligible workers take advantage of additional employment benefits. Access to employee benefits often depends on factors like job title, status, and location. Qualified employees receive job benefits packages, which commonly include:

  • Perks such as healthcare coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Paid vacation time.

Additional Information on Bass Pro Shops

In addition to supplying outdoor enthusiasts with specialized gear and equipment, Bass Pro Shops remains committed to the nationwide conservation of natural habitats and resources. Partnering with organizations like the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the International Game Fish Association, and the USDA Forest Service, the sporting goods retailer makes every effort to manage and preserve the various natural resources found outdoors. The company also promotes enjoyment of the outdoors by inviting customers to donate hunting memorabilia and related personal effects, which the retail chain uses to decorate local stores.


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    I worked for bass pro Vaughan mills Toronto as Sales associate hunting clothing I loved my job I used to enjoy alot now I’m in Calgary just wondering if I get chance again to work there

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