Bass Pro Shops Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops interviews and hires job seekers to replenish and expand a workforce responsible for serving more than 75 million customers each year. Applicants looking for work at store locations need to fill out the forms required for hiring consideration either in person or online. Dropping off the necessary hiring materials in person often results in immediate consideration for job interviews.

Typical Hiring Procedures

The interview process generally entails face-to-face meetings with a hiring manager or human resources official. Many candidates interview with Bass Pro Shops more than once for a single job opening, sometimes starting with a group interview and finishing with a 1:1 session held a week or two later.

Bass Pro Shops Interview Questions

Interviewees must regularly handle conventional questions, such as:

  • "What makes you a better candidate than the other applicants for this job?"
  • "Which store department would you best fit into at Bass Pro Shops?"
Hiring managers also use Bass Pro Shops interviews to inquire about customer service skills relevant to the position, like the proper method of appeasing dissatisfied shoppers or dealing with shoplifters. Interviewers may ask:
  • "What did you like and dislike about your former boss?"
  • "What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?"
Job seekers should avoid speaking negatively about past employers and focus on connecting with Bass Pro Shops through personal experiences or related interests instead.

Proper Attire

Business-casual represents the standard of dress most appropriate for Bass Pro Shops interviews.

Communication Skills and General Attitude

Be able to communicate reasons for wanting to work at Bass Pro Shops and explore the basic job duties of each store department before interviewing. Arrive a few minutes early to the store hosting the interview and offer an enthusiastic handshake to the hiring manager. Remain genuinely enthusiastic throughout the interview by showing excitement for the employment opportunity and asking work-related questions about company culture and potential job duties at the end. The outdoor sporting goods retailer sometimes takes as long as two months to hire job seekers, making follow-up an important step to complete in the interview process.


  • Lisa Olsen says:

    I would like to see a copy of the survey/questionnaire that is given to fill out during a Bass Pro Shops interview.The questions seem confusing to my son and he would like to be better prepared for his next interview…You know,the one where you have to answer agree,strongly agree,disagree,etc.?

    • Jay H. says:

      I just finished my 3rd round interview with BPS. I took the questionnaire that you mentioned during my first interview. There is nothing to be confused about unless you are confused about how to be honest. There is not a right or wrong answer to any of the questions. You might want to give your son a brief review on integrity. That should help tremendously.

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