BB&T Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at BB&T

Applicants seeking teller positions at BB&T banks generally spend three to four weeks interviewing with various officials during the hiring process. The most common interview formats include phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. Prior to any formal job interview, applicants must complete aptitude tests. Based on the answers provided in the tests, bank hiring representatives contact eligible job hopefuls to interview via telephone. After the phone interview, the next step of the hiring process includes one-on-one interviews with branch managers and supervisors. Applicants may participate in one or two interviews, typically lasting between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on position desired.

What to Expect for Other Professions

Workers vying for careers in other banking industry positions with BB&T also participate in phone interviews and face-to-face job interviews. The banking services company administers the hiring process in relatively straightforward fashion, with applicants moving directly from one interview to the next the same day, in most cases. The average time spent waiting for employment hopefuls between the phone interview and first, official sit-down interviews generally stands at no more than a week. Some applicants may experience gaps between first and second sit-down interviews, depending on availability of BB&T branch managers.

Common BB&T Interview Questions

Typical interview questions posed by BB&T branch managers during the hiring process center on hypothetical scenarios related to banking and customer service. Often asked in very informal ways, BB&T interview questions may include:

  • "Can you describe your biggest accomplishment to date and relate it to the position?"
  • "What do you feel are challenges banks like BB&T face in the future?"
  • "What do you feel are the most important aspects of ethics in terms of banking?"

Grooming, Demeanor, and Attitude

Remember to address the interviewer in a professional manner and to repeat or reiterate information if necessary. Every applicant should wear formal or business appropriate clothing to BB&T interviews. In addition to general business, sales, and customer service skills, manicured appearances and excellent hygiene often serve as unspoken requirements for jobs.


  • simpleeastar says:

    i have an interview for relationship teller at bb&t, what should i wear? dress pants, a camisole, and cardigan appropriate? Also, what questions will they ask? i am preparing myself using the corporate website. is that sufficient enough? do they ask situational questions? if so, what responses should i give? any help will be appreciated! thanks!

  • Bob McKasky says:

    What kind of drug test do they use, urine?

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