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Bealls Florida operates in excess of 520 department stores under various banners. With locations in dozens of states and over 80 stores in Florida alone, the brand enjoys name recognition throughout the American Southeast. The parent company operates as Bealls Inc. and maintains headquarters in Bradenton, FL.

Facts About Working at Bealls Florida

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Bealls Florida?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Operations Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Loss Prevention Agent, Store Communications and Training Facilitator, Men’s Outwear Sports Buyer, In-House Area Manager, Maintenance Mechanic, Store Analyst, District Loss Prevention Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Bealls Florida Job Opportunities

Job seekers who love shopping or simply enjoy helping others choose the perfect outfit or home decoration may find meaningful career opportunities at Bealls. The department store wants to hire loyal workers to fill entry-level and professional positions in numerous locations across America. Employment seekers may conveniently view job vacancies and submit applications to work at the department store online.

With a well-rounded employee development program, the company prefers to hire management from within. Many team members move from entry-level positions to managerial jobs over time. Bealls needs upper-level associates to build great teams of employees, provide outstanding merchandising techniques and customer service, and ensure smooth operations at each store. Seasoned retail professionals or current crew members with leadership aptitude should apply online for managerial positions with the department store.

Bealls Florida Positions and Salary Information

Applicants must typically meet a minimum age requirement of 18 to work at Bealls. However, the department store may consider younger workers with work permits or school permission. Inexperienced workers generally earn hiring consideration without issue, and new hires often start in entry-level jobs as cashiers or sales associates. Qualifications for basic job titles prove minimal, and hiring managers mostly look for individuals who demonstrate good work ethics and show customer service potential. Upper-level positions like supervisor, visual merchandiser, and store manager may require candidates to have several years of experience in the retail industry or even college degrees. Some of the most popular positions at Bealls include:


  • Employees performing cashier duties greet and assist customers with final transactions in the checkout lanes.
  • Checkout team members must work efficiently to move patrons through the line, all while displaying a friendly demeanor.
  • Cashiers must learn how to operate cash registers, handle multiple types of payment, and issue change and sales receipts.
  • Workers typically earn minimum wage starting out.

Sales Associate

  • Associates typically spend most of the time on the sales floor speaking with customers, offering helpful suggestions, stocking, and maintaining tidy shopping environments.
  • Sales associates must also possess a working knowledge of cashier duties in order to courteously assist customers with purchases.
  • The job often involves walking and standing on foot during shifts.
  • Sales associates must possess the physical capacity to push and lift a minimum of 20 pounds at a time.
  • Bending and reaching also prove routine movements for employees on duty.
  • Sales associate pay generally ranges from minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.

Visual Merchandiser

  • The job title of visual merchandiser requires applicants to possess several years of retail experience and potentially a college degree in a complementary field such as fashion, visual communications, or business with a focus in retail management.
  • Visual merchandisers typically receive new display initiatives from the corporate office.
  • These employees must implement directives and maintain creative mindsets in order to construct outstanding store displays.
  • Additional qualifications include organizational and planning skills as well as communication and customer service aptitude.
  • Visual merchandisers make hourly wages between $9.00 and $12.00.


  • Supervisors perform similar duties as sales associates with several added tasks.
  • Workers often arrive early to open stores or stay after business hours to complete closing duties.
  • Other supervisory duties may include delegating tasks to subordinates and handling difficult customer issues.
  • Supervisors generally garner wages between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.


  • Tasks like hiring, training, scheduling, loss prevention, and increasing store profitability fall on assistant and store managers.
  • Upper-level store associates must communicate with corporate officials on store needs and think critically to solve problems.
  • Managers may work long hours and stand on foot during shifts.
  • Annual salary for managers ranges from $25,000 to more than $50,000, depending on the level of management.

Tips For Applying

Workers find openings and submit employment requests via third-party job resource websites. A simple process, the applications simply require job seekers to submit contact information and attach cover letters and/or resumes to the online forms. A resume, no longer than one page, includes a brief applicant introduction and lists skills or expertise pertinent to the position desired, education level or status, and job history. Employment hopefuls should conduct some research on proper formatting when constructing a resume or cover letter and ask a trusted friend to proofread the information before submitting.

Application Status

After submitting a resume or cover letter to the department store, job seekers may want to wait three to seven days to follow up on the application status. When following up on an application, potential associates should make a phone call to the store of desired employment in an effort to speak with a manager. Ask the hiring manager if he/she received the application and inquire when to expect contact about a formal interview. Another follow-up tactic includes visiting a Bealls Florida location during slower hours and asking to speak with a manager face-to-face. Dress in appropriate business attire when visiting stores to inquire about the application status. If the manager has free time, he or she may conduct an on-the-spot interview. The entire hiring process typically takes no more than two weeks for most applicants to complete.

Benefits of Working at Bealls Florida

Bealls Florida employees enjoy the benefits of competitive pay rates, quality job training, and flexible scheduling. Eligible workers receive additional job benefits, such as:

  • Healthcare options,
  • Sick leave,
  • 401(k) retirement accounts, and much more.

Employees work to fulfill both personal and professional career goals with the regional department store chain by earning competitive salary options and work benefits and accessing several viable and rewarding advancement opportunities.

Additional Information on Bealls Florida

While selling affordable merchandise remains the primary goal of the multi-billion-dollar company, Bealls also embodies principles of generosity by offering charitable donations to organizations like United Way and Police Athletic League. A supporter of education in local communities, the company awards scholarships to the State College of Florida and students pursuing careers in law enforcement.


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    What is a visual merchandiser? I saw an ad on the window when I left Bealls here in The Villages, Florida.

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