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How to Get a Job at Belk

Belk regularly interviews a diverse assortment of candidates applying for retail sales, retail management, and corporate jobs with the largest chain of family-owned department stores in the country. The major retailers holds job interviews throughout the year to staff numerous permanent and seasonal positions. General intensity and quantity of interviews used in the hiring process rises as the scope of the desired position increases. Most entry-level job opportunities available call for just one interview session administered by the store manager and the applicable department manager. Applicants that perform especially well during the interview often get hired immediately at the end of the meeting.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

While some candidates complete a brief phone interview to start, most job seekers attend interviews in-person. The onsite interview features basic questions covering any experiences or skills relevant to working for the chain. Interviewees should anticipate discussing reasons for wanting to work in retail generally and at Belk specifically. The Southern department store chain also uses common interview questions, like "How would you respond to a disgruntled customer?" and "What would you do if you witnessed a theft?", to get a feel for how applicants deal with unruly shoppers and other sticky situations. Additionally, hiring personnel usually ask prospective managers and other advanced candidates to elaborate on academic qualifications, strengths and weaknesses, and personal approaches to completing both mundane and stressful tasks.

Presentation Remains Key

As most retail jobs require employees to look presentable, potential workers should follow the same standard of professionalism when dressing for interviews. Dress shirts with ties and neatly pressed trousers remains the universally accepted outfit for male interviewees, while modest skirts and blouses or other fashionable business wear make ideal interview apparel for female candidates. Job seekers interviewing for management positions or corporate careers at Belk should dress more formally than entry-level applicants. Maintain a perceptible level of enthusiasm during the course of the interview and have some work-related questions planned to ask at the end, as the department store often instantly hires qualified applicants who display obvious eagerness to work for the retail chain. If the interview ends without a job offer, inquire about the expected timeline for making a hiring decision and then follow up via email or by telephone.


  • Brittany says:

    What to expect at the interview and what do they ask?

  • carolyn schenk says:

    Requirements necessary in a good salesperson #1 good attitude #2 knowledge of product #3 great customer service #4 good appearance And above all smile on your face….

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