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Renowned Ben & Jerry's operates as one of the most recognizable ice cream chains in the world. The specialty foods retailer maintains a global presence through sales at most grocery stores as well as franchised locations operating throughout major metropolitan areas, in shopping malls, and in sports stadiums around the globe.

Facts About Working at Ben & Jerry's

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Ben And Jerry's?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Assistant Manager, Manager, Maintenance Technician, Packaging Specialist, Customer Service Analyst, Production Planner, Packaging Engineer, Shopper Insights Manager, Sales Specialist, Mechanic, Process Operator, Line Technician, Brand Manager, Scheduler, Consumer Services Representative, Logistics Specialist, Manufacturing Supervisor, Loader, Production Manager, Machine Operator, Beverage Equipment Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Ben and Jerry’s Job Opportunities

Applicants looking for work with the internationally received Ben & Jerry’s should find little resistance in gaining employment. The ice cream shop continually looks to expand operations and offers job opportunities in a variety of fields, including distribution, customer service, sales, and account management. Many of the part-time, entry-level jobs available with the esteemed company exist in sales and customer service. Full-time opportunities most frequently arise in account management and distribution as well as select positions in customer service and sales.

The core values of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream begin with environmentally sustainable business practices. As socially conscious individuals, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield began the company drawing inspirations from the politically and socially driven decade of the 1960s. Retail locations often hire on individuals who serve surrounding communities, possess pleasant and outgoing personalities, and genuinely love ice cream. Associates work flexible schedules and receive competitive job benefits and pay. Workers may submit hiring forms online or at a nearby location. The company website regularly updates applicants on positions for hire.

Ben & Jerry’s Employment and Salary Information

The minimum age to work Ben & Jerry’s jobs falls at 16 years old. Employment hopefuls must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to take direction, and joyful attitudes to gain hiring consideration. Workers typically receive some form of discount on ice creams while employed. Other work benefits, including pay raises, vary by location. Jobs regularly available include:

Team Member

  • Typical of an entry-level position, team members historically work part-time and carry several responsibilities.
  • Common tasks include ensuring product quality, serving ice cream, explaining menus, and cleaning work stations.
  • Often referred to as “Scoopers”, team members may also assist in promotional duties, such as setting up displays or decorating location dining areas.
  • The ability to work quickly yet provide personalized service to every customer proves paramount to gaining employment.
  • The average team member employee receives minimum wage pay and up to $9.00 per hour.


  • Career opportunities in management include shift leader, assistant manager, and general manager job titles.
  • Applicants must hold previous experience in the food retail industry or in positions of leadership for consideration.
  • Other hiring requirements may include high school diplomas and/or college degrees.
  • Resolute, effective delegators able to handle strong demands of high-traffic areas and maintain motivated and dedicated staffs represent ideal fits for the ice cream chain.
  • Shift leaders may work part-time or full-time, while assistant managers and general managers regularly assume full-time roles.
  • The average shift leader earns $8.00 to $9.00 an hour.
  • Assistant managers receive $25,000 to $30,000 a year. Salary options top out around $45,000 for general managers.

Tips For Applying

Ben & Jerry’s hiring managers treat interviews and the application process informally, as if kindling friendships between two strangers. Current and former employees often cite talking candidly with recruitment personnel and potential coworkers prior to official hiring as major parts of deliberations. Workers should remain open, polite, and personable throughout the entire process to receive any real chance of gaining employment. Possessing open schedules also assists job seekers in the hunt for entry-level positions. Provide as much detail as possible about the ability to work varying hours.

Application Status

Job hopefuls may apply for work online or in store. Applications usually take only a few days to process, with average turnaround times of one to two days, at most. However, some prospective ice cream shop employees may wait a week or so to hear back from the nationwide chain. Large applicant pools and availability of jobs may hinder the chances candidates maintain in receiving review. If motivated, workers should call, email, or visit preferred locations to inquire about applications and check on hiring statuses. The act often express added interests in positions available and shows dedication to working for the popular ice cream chain.

Benefits of Working at Ben & Jerry’s

The typical Ben & Jerry’s employee enjoys discounted pricing on ice cream and other products. The specialty foods retailer also offers bonus incentives, career development programs, and opportunities for work in the company corporate offices. Select individuals meeting employment benefits requirements may take advantage of:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare coverage, and
  • Life insurance options as well.

More Information on Ben & Jerry’s

In order to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscapes of the ice cream industry, Ben & Jerry’s introduced a line of Greek yogurt frozen desserts in 2012. The new line caters to more health-conscious individuals and features the same non-GMO products sourced to make many of the traditional flavors offered by the retailer. In 2013, all products received non-GMO stamps of approval in compliance with recent legislation calling for GMO transparency in food labels.


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