Ben and Jerry’s Interview Questions & Tips

Initiating the Hiring Process as an Entry-Level Applicant

Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops operate in malls throughout North America and much of the world. The ice cream shop chain refers to entry-level workers as scoopers, who effectively greet customers, ring up purchases, and prepare ice creams. Applicants must submit hiring documents or make contact with hiring personnel in order to receive invitations for job interviews.

Initiating the Hiring Process as a Managerial Applicant

Shift lead workers must also formally declare candidacy for employment consideration with Ben & Jerry's at a participating location of choice. The most common method of submitting necessary hiring forms includes the company careers page online. Physical methods, such as paper documents, also represent acceptable ways of indicating interest in an available position.

How to Get a Job at Ben & Jerry's

The Ben & Jerry's hiring process takes applicants through a very simple and brief procedure of interviews. Most Ben & Jerry's applicants interview once and spend as little as 20 minutes with a hiring representative. Each interview may include a series of questions ranging from two or three to more than a half dozen that center on topics like customer service, food handling, math skills, and employee etiquette and conduct.

Examples of Interview Questions

Specific examples of interview questions asked of applicants include: "How would you take care of someone with a food allergy?", "What do you know about Ben & Jerry's as a company?", and "Why do you want the job?" Interviews also feature questions about career aspirations and length of time applicants intend on staying on with the ice cream chain.

Having the Right Attitude

Performance in the Ben & Jerry's hiring process largely depends on attitude. Job seekers should display friendly, cheerful, and engaging attitudes throughout each interview. The conversational feel of the job interviews allows applicants to genuinely display enthusiasm for the position desired and to demonstrate personality traits otherwise disguised by formal proceedings. Feel free to show a sense of humor and the ability to instantly interact and feel comfortable around others, even in foreign settings. While the chain may not require applicants to wear formal clothing during the hiring process, applicants should use some discretion and look both polished and serious about joining the Ben & Jerry's team.


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