Ben E. Keith Company Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Ben E. Keith

Food and beverage distributor Ben E. Keith regularly interviews job seekers looking for work as delivery drivers and sales associates. Most candidates go through a single, one-on-one job interview before potentially receiving an offer of employment, sometimes on the spot. After submitting the materials necessary for gaining employment consideration, applicants often hear back from company hiring officials to schedule job interviews via email. The supervisor in charge of overseeing the desired position usually directs the interview process.

Show Persistence

Candidates who demonstrate persistence by following up on the initial submission of hiring materials sometimes succeed in scheduling interview sessions.

Kinds of Questions

Interviewers often begin the meetings by asking prospective workers to explain a little bit about themselves, with respect to professional accomplishments, goals, and skills. Other popular Ben E. Keith interview questions include queries like, "Why do you want this particular job?" and "Have you ever had a supervisor you didn't like? How did you deal with the situation?" Hiring managers frequently probe for examples of applying relevant skills on the job in the past, as well as the greatest weakness of applicants. Interviewees should present a neatly groomed and businesslike appearance when meeting with potential supervisors. Before interviewing, candidates should come up with examples effectively illustrating the ability to perform potential duties.

Final Considerations

The food service company often makes job offers contingent upon successful completion of a drug test, background check, and, for some positions, a physical.

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