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An American chain of eateries specializing in Japanese-fusion cuisine, Benihana enjoys widespread popularity and constantly needs to hire on new help to maintain operations. The chain boasts more than 110 locations worldwide, which provides great potential for applicants in the U.S. and abroad.

Facts About Working at Benihana

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Benihana?)

Available Positions: Host, Hostess, Server, Bartender, Busser, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Chef Trainee, Application Support Analyst, Purchasing Support Manager, General Manager, Hibachi Chef, Project Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Benihana Employment Outlook

With operations in over 20 countries and close to 5,000 employees, Benihana offers meaningful ways to earn both steady and supplemental incomes with a growing franchise. Delicious menus filled with traditional Japanese fare, like sushi and Hibachi-made rice and meat combos, prepared by world-class chefs, draw millions of customers to the chain on an annual basis. Workers must keep up with the demands placed on service and cook staffs in light of the rampant popularity of the chain. Most locations feature fast-paced, collaborative work environments dependent on communication in order to succeed.

Prominence in major metropolitan areas carrying dense populations provides thousands of potential employees in surrounding communities ready access to available jobs. A majority of employment opportunities include part-time, varying schedules and customer-centric responsibilities. Specific job titles most readily for hire range from dishwasher, busser, and line cook positions to work as servers and hosts as part of front-of-house operations. Like most other restaurants in the industry, Benihana extends job opportunities to applicants still in high school and provide flexibility in scheduling to work around academic or extracurricular commitments. The chain also provides paid training and career development upon hire.

Benihana Job Opportunities and Salary Options

Available restaurant jobs carry minimum age requirements beginning at 16. Some positions may require applicants to stand at least 18. Experience in the restaurant industry may bolster odds of gaining employment; however, entry-level hosting, serving, and bussing position base hiring decisions on open availability rather than work histories. A sample of popular job titles sits listed below:


  • Positions requiring the possession of high school diplomas or GEDs and the ability to meet the minimum age of 18, server jobs represent the center of customer service at Benihana locations.
  • Servers greet customers, take food and drink orders, recommend specials, and cater to patron needs through dining experiences.
  • Cleaning and maintaining dining areas in addition to sanitation responsibilities in restaurant kitchens also serve as daily duties.
  • Polite, gracious, and attentive individuals able to thrive under sometimes hectic conditions make for ideal employees in the role.
  • The chain also prefers to hire servers with experience in the industry and the ability to provide positive references from former managers.
  • Servers typically work highly variable schedules totaling between 15 and 30 hours a week.
  • Pay scales sit at the federal minimum wage for tipped employees, or roughly $4.00 an hour, and include tips generated with good service.


  • The job titles falling under hosting positions include front-house responsibilities.
  • Hosts bid customers welcome upon entering the restaurant and seat guests as tables open.
  • Excellent attention to detail proves integral to working as a host or hostess.
  • Courteous, bright, and positive personalities represent ideal traits, as well.
  • Applicants need only stand 16 years of age to fill hosting jobs, which require no prior experience for consideration.
  • Hosts and hostesses also work part-time schedules, in most cases, and earn roughly minimum wage at start.


  • Busperson job duties include cleaning and clearing tables, washing dishes, folding napkins, and assembling table pieces.
  • Applicants must enjoy working at fast paces and demonstrate reliable, trustworthy personalities in order to gain hire.
  • Buspersons also claim responsibility for cleaning restroom facilities and taking out trash.
  • Customer service plays a minor role in the job title, as employees must answer patron questions or cater to needs in the absence of servers or hosts.
  • No real experience proves necessary for employment.
  • Due to the physical demands of the job, workers must possess the ability to stand for long periods, bend, squat, and lift up to 55lbs.
  • Hired on as part-time associates, buspersons earn minimum wage at start.

Tips For Applying

Scheduling often takes a prominent role in determining the eligibility of candidates for hire. The restaurant chain requires individuals to remain open to the possibility of overtime, if needed. Workers must also remain open to varying schedules, including shifts on nights, weekends, and holidays. Indicating open availability often increases chances of receiving favorable review from Benihana hiring personnel.

Application Status

Applicants must create online profiles through the company website in order to apply for available jobs. Once created, the profiles allow candidates to upload resumes and cover letters and use supplemental materials pulled from social media accounts to fill out the required forms. In many cases, job seekers wait as little as a day or two to hear back from the prominent restaurant chain. Applicants regularly find success in the hiring process by visiting locations in person after submitting the necessary employment forms online to inquire about application statuses. Phone calls or emails also persist as viable means of contact with hiring personnel; however, visiting in person often allows workers to appeal to the personable nature of most jobs available.

Benefits of Working at Benihana

Upon hire, workers enjoy competitive pay scales, compensated training programs, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for professional growth. The Japanese-themed restaurant also provides comprehensive employment benefits packages. Associates must generally assume full-time schedules or 35 or more hours per week in order to qualify for available job benefits. Eligible employees enjoy:

  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • Free meals and special promotions
  • 401(k) retirement plans, and
  • Employee assistance programs.

Bonuses based on employee performance also stand readily available.

Further Details on Benihana

As a way to give back to faithful patrons, the restaurant chain offers a unique challenge rewarding successful participants the chance to win up to $1,000 in gift cards and a trip to Tokyo, Japan, good for four people. The contest, known as the Passport Challenge, takes place annually and requires participants to visit as many of the Benihana locations in operation across the country as possible. Participants may also enter by visiting a single location as many times as possible. In 2014, 11 people visited 72 locations. The company chose a winner from the lot at random.


  • Christopher Nathaniel Jones says:

    I worked for Benihana in 2017. Good experience, good co-workers, and friendly environment.

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